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Film and Video production graduates find a wide range of professional employment, both in Michigan and nationally.  Career opportunities have included contributions to pre-production, production and post-production pipelines, as well as producing and directing roles at various levels. 

Some students have chosen to continue their education in graduate school, earning a Masters degree or a Master of Fine Arts degree in various related disciplines.

Career Options

Graduates find a wide range of professional employment locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Documentary and independent film production
  • Major motion picture production
  • Animation, multimedia, new media, virtual reality, 3D visualization
  • Commercial production and post-production
  • National, local, and community media television stations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Corporate media production
  • School systems

Film and Video Alumni


“It's more than teaching us how to use this camera or that editing software. Those quickly change. It's about teaching us how to tell stories, and to learn how to learn, so we're never left in the dust.”

Michael Elzinga, 2009 Alum

  • Christina Choriatis, Production Coordinator / Freelance Editor, New York City
  • Jeff Donehoo, In-Game Entertainment Coordinator, Colorado Rockies
  • Matt Dressel, Freelance Screenwriter, Los Angeles
  • Jason Honeycutt, Editor/DP/FX Network, Los Angeles
  • Klaas Kwant, Grand Rapids
  • Gregg McNeill, Creative Director / Lensman at Darkbox Images, Scotland
  • Jillian McCafferty, Production Assistant, Comedy Central, New York City
  • Angie Mistretta, Pixar, California
  • James "Tre" Jackson III, Videographer/Production Assistant, Atlanta
  • Brad Stencil, Assistant Editor, Los Angeles

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Alumni Stories

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Alumni Clippings

Angie Mistretta

Angie Mistretta ('02)

Angie Mistretta ('02) outside Pixar Animation Studios after completing an internship and joining the company as a regular employee in 2009.  See FULL STORY



Sarah Vesely '14

Sarah Vesely ('14)

Sarah Vesely Brings Passion and Knowledge to Wealthy Theatre.  Vesely’s knowledge and passion for film and her commitment to the community made her the perfect candidate to fill the role of director at Wealthy Theatre. The theatre is a program of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center (GRCMC), which also includes GRTV, WYCE, and The Rapidian. When the position opened up last year, Vessley had already worked at GRTV for nearly six years. See FULL STORY