The Sculpture emphasis embraces a contemporary approach to the field offering you exposure to a broad range of media and directions. Our Sculpture facilities provide a wood shop, metal shop, foundry, laser cutter and 3D printing encouraging you to develop a strong skill set necessary for professional careers in the field. Sculpture graduates can be found in the fine arts, architecture and industrial design.

Degree Options


Students may pursue a B.F.A. in Studio Art in this emphasis. The B.F.A. in Studio Art is designed for students interested in a professional degree in art or design. This degree will prepare students for a career as a professional Artist. Aside from Sculpture, seven other Emphasis Areas are available to choose from in the B.F.A. degree.

Learning Environment


Student and faculty participate in classroom critique

It combines training in established methods with the exploration of nontraditional strategies by incorporating new materials and technologies, installation, as well as experiential contexts. The curriculum fosters intellectual inquiry, creative activity, and practical skills in making as well as thinking about art. In addition to wood working, metal fabricating, and foundry techniques, the curriculum also incorporates three-dimensional computer modeling technologies. Activities in and out of the studio help students develop individual approaches to the medium. In addition, they are encouraged to incorporate other studio processes such as metalsmithing, ceramics, or printmaking into their sculpture practice.


Norwood Viviano
Associate Professor
Sculpture Area Coordinator

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Course Catalog

A hands-on studio course designed for art majors and nonart majors. Introduction to basic sculpture techniques (mold making, metal working, wood working, and sewing). Creative project topics include lost wax bronze casting, found object assemblage, soft sculpture, and fibers. Critical thinking skills and studio safety will also be covered. Fulfills Foundation - Arts. Offered fall and winter semesters.

Credits: 3

Introduces students to three dimensional computer technologies and their application in studio art practice. Activities focus on using good computer “craft,” employing appropriate compositional principles, and choosing subjects and content that engage viewers and encourage rich conceptual associations. Offered fall semester. Prerequisite: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing.

Credits: 3

Emphasis placed on techniques and concepts related to fabrication. Additive processes with wood and metal (wood joinery and construction, metal welding and finishing, surface treatments) are learned in conjunction with their application to projects exploring ideas related to fabricating such as function, invention, movement, narrative, and imagination. Offered winter semester. Prerequisite: ART 270.

Credits: 3

Emphasis is placed on techniques and concepts related to replication. Molding and casting processes with clay, plaster, rubber, plastic, and metal are learned in conjunction with their application to projects exploring ideas related to multiples, hybrids and questions of authenticity and originality. Offered fall semester. Prerequisite: ART 270.

Credits: 3

For studio artists and designers about to enter graduate school or professional design studios. Includes a required three-day field trip to Chicago, information concerning resume preparation, exhibitions, interviewing, portfolios, design agencies, galleries, museums, and analysis of the professional literature through written assignments. Students will learn how the professional art world works. Offered fall semester. Prerequisites: Art major and senior standing.

Credits: 3

Builds on previous courses by emphasizing development of individual areas of creative investigation that combine material and conceptual concerns. Focus may be placed on a topic of sculptural relevance not previously covered (installation, public art, new media, etc.). Readings, presentations, and class trips relating to contemporary art complement studio work. Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisites: ART 371 and ART 372.

Credits: 3

Continued focus on development of individual areas of creative investigation that combine material and conceptual concerns. Students work toward increasingly independent work and decision-making processes. Expectations for material and idea development are very high. Studio work is complemented with readings, presentations, and class trips relating to contemporary art. May be repeated for credit. Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisite: ART 472.

Credits: 3

This course is the final work toward the B.F.A. Senior Exhibition and must be taken in the semester in which students hang their degree shows. Students will work closely with their major professor in their emphasis area, and may have an additional course assigned from their Junior Review. Students must seek the advice of their major professor for the selection of works for their exhibition. They may also seek advice of any other faculty members with whom they have worked or from whom they would like additional feedback. Offered fall and winter semesters.

Credits: 6


Sculpture Prototyping
Sculpture Workshop

In the sculpture program, students benefit from well-equipped studios that allow them to create woodworking, metal fabricating, and foundry projects. The three-dimensional computer modeling lab allows them to explore new materials and technologies as they progress through the program. Majors earning a BFA in this program have individual studio spaces in a common area shared with jewelry and metalsmithing students.

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