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The Summer Film Project, founded in 1995, brings students, faculty and industry professionals together on the production of a film.  The preproduction and filming takes place in the summer session.  The fall semester is devoted to postproduction where students complete the film and prepare for its premiere at a local movie theatre and enter it into film festivals across the country.  See these award-winning films as well as the stories behind each production.


On set with Summer Film Project
Summer Film Project


The Summer Film Project is open to intermediate and advanced film/video majors who then enroll in the following courses:

  • FVP 328 Intermediate Film Practicum
  • FVP 428 Advanced Film Practicum
  • FVP 429 Post Production Film Practicum

Project Schedule




Summer (late June – early August)


FVP 328/428
(Pre-requisite: FVP 424, 328, 321, or 226.)



FVP 429
(Pre-requisite: FVP 330 or CBR 281)

Summer Films Archive

Watch all the produced films from 1998 to 2022

Go to Summer Film Project Archive

Check out the trailer! Thing from the Factory by the Field

Summer Film 2021 is now part of the Potrykus Criterion Collection!

Behind the scenes documentary.

Summer Film Project News

'Film bootcamp': Summer Film Project's short film in post-production with an eye toward spring premiere
The annual GVSU Summer Film Project, halted in 2020 like so many projects due to the pandemic, returned this year with a short film that is now in post-production.

Summer Film Project release streaming on Criterion Channel
The films by Assistant Professor Joel Potrykus are now offered on the Criterion Channel, which means the most recent GVSU Summer Film Project release is also available on the highly regarded streaming service. 

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