Film and Video - Equipment Recommendation

Students are not required to have their own equipment to complete production assignments. The computer labs and editing suites in Lake Superior Hall and the Calder Arts Center are provided with Apple machines and the right applications you will need to succeed in the program.

Should you wish to purchase your own equipment, the FAQ section below will cover what a Film and Video Production major will need. You will also need an external hard drive. A document with the right information is provided as well.

Equipment FAQ

What computer will I need?

We don't require students to have their own computers to complete production assignments. We provide Apple Macintosh computer systems in editing suites and computer labs. If you choose to use your own computer for media production, you will likely want to use a Macintosh for ease of compatibility with our systems and software.

All the software needed to do production work is available on our Macintosh computer systems. Below is a list of software available to students on our systems. Please note that software versions constantly change and can affect project compatibility when moving between your own system and our systems. If you are using your own version of any software listed below, make note of which version you have and which version we are currently running and plan accordingly.

  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop
  • Audio Recording & Editing: Avid Pro Tools

All video cameras needed for production work are provided. In introductory production courses we require students doing group assignments to use our cameras so everyone is learning to use the equipment we provide. For individual assignments you may choose to use your own video camera if you have one. Consult with your instructor if you plan to use your own camera to plan an effective workflow from shooting to post production. The technical staff only support video cameras we provide.

If you are using one of our tapeless HD video cameras you will need an SDHC flash media card. It is recommended to have a Class 10 or higher card with a capacity of at least 16 GB. Prices for class 10, 16GB SDHC cards average around $10 from reputable online vendors.

Our audio recorders use SDHC memory cards. These are the same types of cards used in the cameras.

The GVSU Laker Store (Allendale) stocks a variety of hard drives and SD cards. These items may be paid for with financial aid funds just like text books. In the Grand Rapids area, you will find a variety of stores selling drives and media used in production. In addition to the big box chain stores, Norman Camera is a local store which will often price match and their staff are highly knowledgeable (2954 28th St SE).

Online retailers will often have excellent prices on good quality drives and media. While we don’t necessarily endorse these retailers, the following provides a start if you plan to purchase online.

For a printed version of the FAQ, please download this pdf file

Equipment FAQ.pdf

Hard Drive Instructions

This document will help you choose an external hard drive and format it correctly to use with Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

Hard Drive Specifications (.pdf)



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