Wellness Coaching

Your Wellness, Your Way

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is a free service for GVSU students. Working with your coach, you will identify strategies to support your wellness goals through a collaborative, unbiased partnership. You will spend about 3 months working with your coach.

Our coaches are here to empower you to…

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Initiate and sustain healthy behaviors
  • Address barriers to change and develop strategies to move forward
  • Get connected with other free wellness resources

Our coaches do not...

  • Offer counseling
  • Administer therapy
  • Prescribe exercise programs
  • Diagnosis illness

Our coaches are ACE Health Coach certified.

Wellness Coaching Topic Areas

  • Stress / Burnout
  • Sleep
  • Housing / Living Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Anxiety
  • Communication
  • Maintaining Relationships
  • Body Image
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Learning Environments
  • Financial
  • Academic
  • Spiritual
  • And More!

What are our clients saying?

Client Areas of Improvement

Our clients have said Wellness Coaching has helped them improve in the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Motivation
  • Physical Activity
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Sleeping Habits
  • Eating Habits
  • Stress Management
  • Overall Health and Wellness

"Don't underestimate what you can accomplish in 3 months! Meeting with my wellness coach helped me realize who & where I want to be, and how to get there by translating my rants/thoughts into achievable goals. I am continuing the progress we had started on my habits of sleep, study, and spending. Personally, coaching was a MUCH better fit than UCC therapy, so if you're still wandering, give RecWell coaching a try!"

- Michelle B. - Graduate of Wellness Coaching

"Wellness coaching made me realize how important making goals is that aren't about school or work. When someone says, make a goal, my brain never went there. It gave me the courage to start putting myself first which was really cool!!!"

-Graduate of Wellness Coaching

"Wellness coaching was a great experience for me, my coach and UFit specialist helped me go from not having been to a gym in my life to going twice a week and loving it! I had lots of questions and they were both available and willing to help me begin a realistic fitness routine. I am so grateful Grand Valley offers this service."

- Graduate of Wellness Coaching

"Through Katie's guidance and encouraging words that I was capable of achieving my goals, I successfully was able to find ways to be the best version of myself. Without wellness coaching, I would not have had the resources or confidence to be able to achieve my personal goals."

- Ashley K., Graduate of Wellness Coaching

"Reaching out for support isn't a weakness. It's a strength that has lost some of its fine tuning and needs to be touched up a little with the help of others. It was a great experience and I would recommend this to anyone who may not feel confident in certain areas within themselves. "

- Graduate of Wellness Coaching

"Wellness coaching really helped me to get through my first semester of college when I was struggling with stress, homesickness, and a lack of academic motivation."

- Olivia M., Graduate of Wellness Coaching

"Wellness Coaching is a great way to help you get back on track. It's great to have someone in your corner cheering you on :) "

-Wellness Coaching Client

Refer a Student

Do you know someone who may benefit from Wellness Coaching? Or are you having trouble signing up on Mindbody? Please use the "Wellness Coaching Sign Up" button to refer yourself or another student. A RecWell Wellness Coach will reach out to give them more information about the service and to get an appointment.

Wellness Coaching Sessions

Initial Consultation

You will:

  • Meet one-on-one with your coach
  • Get an overview of the wellness coaching process
  • Review your current habits
  • Identify your priorities
  • Create a realistic action plan for change

Approximate appointment length: 45-60 minutes

Follow-Up Appointments

You will:

  • Discuss progress towards goals
  • Celebrate successes
  • Create plans to overcome any barriers
  • Provide information about other resources
  • Meet in person or via phone or Zoom

Approximate appointment length: 15-30 minutes

Exiting the Program

You will:

  • Evaluate your progress
  • Celebrate successes
  • Discuss other areas of improvement
  • Receive further resources
  • Complete a satisfaction feedback survey

Approximate appointment length: 30 minutes

Getting Started

To begin Wellness Coaching, choose a coach from below who has expertise in the area you are interested in. Click on the button under their photo that says "Schedule" to find an appointment time that works best for you!

You will need to create an account on Mindbody. Please note that you will be asked to put in credit card information but you can click "Ignore." Wellness Coaching is FREE!

Once you select a day and time that works for you, you will receive a confirmation email from your navigator with a form to complete prior to your consultation.

Meet the Coaches

Find a coach who aligns with your wellness goals. Click on the "Schedule" button below the coach to see coaching availability on MindBody. You will need to select the coach's name under "select instructor.

Having troubles signing up? If it's easier, you can use the Wellness Coaching Sign Up and Referral link to refer yourself and Wellness Coach will reach out!

Amy Campbell

Pronouns: She/Her

Wellness philosophy: I believe that wellness is a dynamic changing process of exploring how to balance life and learning how to thrive in both mind and body. I honor that each client is in expert in their own life and my role to support individuals towards enhancing their personal wellness in ways that align with their values.

Areas of interest and expertise: Stress / Burnout, Sleep, Housing / Living Environment, Nutrition, Anxiety, Communication, Body Image, Work-Life Balance, Learning Environments, Academic

Read Amy's Full Bio

Katie Jourdan

Pronouns: She/Her

Wellness philosophy: Wellness, to me, includes our whole-being. So I believe that we all have the power to be well; we just may need some tips and tools to help us along the way.

Areas of interest and expertise: Stress / Burnout, Sleep, Housing / Living Environment, Nutrition, Anxiety, Communication, Maintaining Relationships, Body Image, Work-Life Balance, Learning Environments

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Don't have a preference on a coach? Select the appointment that works best for your schedule here!

Full Wellness Coaching Staff Schedule

*If no appointments are available, you can contact our main office for scheduling assistance via [email protected] or (616) 331-3659.

Disclaimer: Recreation & Wellness' Wellness Coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any condition or disease, or offer personal medical advice. Wellness Coaching should NOT be substituted for the advice, diagnosis, and treatment of a licensed medical professional. You should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a specific medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it. As your wellness coach we CANNOT make a medical diagnosis or treatment plan. It is our role to partner with you through ongoing support and accountability as you develop your vision, goals, and plan to improve your overall health and wellness by making lasting behavior changes that will help you achieve your personal goals to live your best possible life.

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