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Vélez Ortiz

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Communication Studies


Dr. Vélez Ortiz's areas of research are communication ethics and global environmental communication. Her work examines the ways in which the long-term success of conservation efforts depend upon fundamental shifts in cultural values, in aesthetic and moral communication, and in shared understandings of how the individual fits into social and ecological communities. In addition, Dr. Vélez Ortiz has researched and published in the area of Latin-American/Caribbean/Latina-o philosophy and intellectual history.

About Chad (see photo): A native of Sacramento California, Chad enjoys his work as a guide dog as well playing tug games, chewing on his Nylabone, and taking long walks. He is very good mobility partner for Professor Vélez Ortiz and has a sweet, gentle disposition.

Sample publications:


Vélez Ortiz, M. (2019) Maatian Ethics in a Communication Context. Routledge.

Book Chapters:

Velez Ortiz, M. (2019) On the Differences Between Maat and the Socratic Dialectic. In K. Lloyd (Ed.), Routledge Handbook on Comparative/World Rhetorics. New York, NY: Routledge Press. Accepted.

Velez Ortiz, M. (2018) "Fragments, Limbs, and Dreadful Accidents: The Burden of an Ecological Education in a World of Wounds”. Book chapter on the challenges of public dialogue on environmental issues for a forthcoming edited volume from the International Association for Dialogue Analysis and edited by Franc'ois Cooren & Ronald C. Arnett.

Velez Ortiz, M. (2018) Richard Sennett: Communication ethics and the city in flux. In R.C. Arnett, A.M. Holba, & S Mancino (Eds.), An Encyclopedia of Communication Ethics. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. (In Press)

Peer-reviewed articles:

Swenson-Lepper, T. R., Hoffer, M., Leavitt, M., Charron, L., Ballard, B., L. M., Holba, A., Jovanovich, S. (2015). Communication ethics in the communication curriculum: United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Communication Education. 64(4), 472-490.

Ballard, B., Bell McManus, L. M., Holba, A. H., Jovanovic, S., Tompkins, P. S., Charron, L. J. N., Hoffer, M., Leavitt, M., Swenson Lepper, T. R. (2015). Teaching communication ethics as central to the discipline. (2014) Journal of the Association for Communication Administration, 33(2), 2-20.

Hoffer, M. (2013). Conservation as a protonorm for moral communication. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 29(4), 225-237.

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Communication Ethics, Thesis Course, Intercultural Communication, Ethics in Professional Communication


B.A., Purdue University; M.A. Purdue University-Calumet; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign