MSA Foundation Courses

The Foundation courses were developed to help you. Many of our MSA students are from non-business backgrounds.
The courses are designed to give you the business basics in an accelerated format. Most are three credits and meet either the first or second half of a semester. You may be exempted from some or all of this course work based on previous course work or an exemption exam. Students considering exemption by exam should review the academic requirements for the CPA exam to ensure that they meet the minimum general business course/credit hour requirements before deciding to take advantage of the exemption exam(s). Preparations for an exam may include professional experience or self-study. The exams are available through the Graduate Business office.

ACC 511 Financial & Managerial Accounting View sample exam 3 credits
BUS 531 Legal Environment View sample exam 2 credits
ECO 542 Macro and Microeconomics View sample exam 3 credits
FIN 520 Statistics & Mathematics of Finance View sample exam 3 credits
ACC 601 Intermediate I or (ACC 310 and 240) 3 credits or 4 credits

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