Professional MBA Professional Development

Students improve their effectiveness through development of relevant topics identified by employers, students and faculty. The programming is framed around a unique leadership style assessment, and includes individual reflection and mentoring as well as group workshop-structured learning experiences. All of these efforts are designed to help “grow” leaders for their next professional step and beyond through individual understanding, reflection and mentoring.

Seidman student on her laptop, focused on the Pondera® Virtual Advisor during professional development.

Leadership Assessment

Our approach to professional development includes a collaboration with Pondera Leadership Consulting that allows us to access their online assessment tool, the Pondera® Virtual Advisor (PVA). By measuring personal preferences and inclinations, the PVA helps Professional MBA students gain self-insight and find their best fit roles, and assists leaders in the guidance and development of their teams. The instrument's primary output is the student's preferred operating style, or PVA style, which establishes the framework by which an individual can best lead their life. Seidman administers the PVA, and provides feedback and guidance to students in-house.

Page last modified December 8, 2022