Professional MBA Foundation Competency

MBA students come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Those who did not study business as an undergraduate major may need to show competency in the key business areas of:  Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Statistics.

As a part of the admission process, student transcripts are reviewed and students are provided with their foundational requirements. Students who did not study business in their undergraduate curriculum, or feel they may want to review business foundational competencies, have three options available to them.  

Option 1

Students can take the undergraduate equivalent courses at GVSU, GRCC or another undergraduate institution. This option may require several semesters of preparation.



ACC 212 & 213

BA 256 & 257

ECO 210 & 211

EC 251 & 252

FIN 320

No equivalent

STA 215

MTH 215

Option 2

Students who feel they have a thorough understanding of any foundational area may take an internal exam to show proof of competency. These tests are free of charge but can only be attempted once. Sample tests are available to allow individuals to check their level of competency before attempting the exam.  

Option 3

Students can complete online modules for the foundational areas. Courses are offered through several vendors, including the Harvard Business Review and Ivy, and should be completed prior to the first full semester of the program. Links to the appropriate courses will be sent to admitted students.

Current courses:
Harvard Online
GVSU MBA 2019 - Quantitative Methods Online Course: Regression Section - $15
GVSU MBA 2019 - Mathematics for Management Online Course: Statistics Section - $10
GVSU MBA 2019 - Finance Online Course: Introductory Section - $35
GVSU MBA 2019 - Financial Accounting Online Course - $45

Ivy Online
Economics from Ivy - $75