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Grand Valley State University Career Center

Career Support

The GVSU Career Center provides lifetime support to Seidman alums as they transition throughout their career. Seidman students have access to the support of our faculty, extended alumni network, and strong connections to the West Michigan business community. Our cohorts are filled with working professionals from a variety of industries, creating organic networks of support for our continuing students.

Seidman students reading in the Frey Foundation Lobby.

Graduate Assistantships

Seidman College offers several assistantships for full-time graduate students (enrolled in at least 9 credit hours/semester) in good academic standing. Full-time graduate assistantships require a 20-hour per week work assignment for 16 weeks per semester. GA's receive tuition credit for up to 9 credits and receive a $4,000 stipend each semester (fall and winter). Graduate assistants work with Seidman College faculty and staff. Qualified candidates are selected on the basis of aptitude, interest, background, and qualifications for the specific GA position responsibilities. 

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and the application to: [email protected]. You must be admitted to a GVSU graduate program before applying for a GA position.

Seidman Graduate Assistant Application


Company Deferment Plan

GVSU offers students the opportunity to defer payment with their company support. If your organization provides academic support, please provide a letter (on company letterhead) that states the amount or percentage covered. Students can defer that amount up to 30 days after the semester closes. This benefit allows students to maximize company dollars while saving initial out-of-pocket costs. One example is the fall bill is due mid-August but students cannot submit for reimbursement until December. In the case of company deferment, that payment would not be due until January.

Visit our Company Deferment Plan page for more information.

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