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How it works

The Promotions Office is a design and print resource for the campus community. You aren't required to utilize our services for your event, but you're absolutely welcome to! We have a team of student designers who can design promotional materials (posters, banners, etc.) from scratch, or you can send us files to print.

We recommend that Student Orgs order Packages because they include design time— only one simple price to pay!

Please plan ahead!

We require 5 business days (1 week) for print jobs and 10 days (2 weeks) for design + print. It's important to plan ahead and make sure you give us enough time to complete your project.

At the very least, you should submit a Funding Request 4-6 weeks before your event, and submit a Service Request 3-4 weeks before your event. It's never too early to start promoting!

Payment Options

We work closely with Student Life to help you cover the cost of your event. If you submit a Funding Request and attend a Funding Board meeting, you can receive funding to have the promotions for your event covered by the Student Life Fund. If you don't receive funding, you're welcome to pay with check or credit card.

We accept: Credit cards (online), Checks (mail it or drop it off), and funding from the Student Life Fund (we'll send the bill to the Office of Student Life).

Student Org FOAPs accepted for these items.

Must be for specific events— not generic ("Join our club").

  • Design time
  • Campus posting
  • Posters
  • Pluggers
  • Banners
  • Packages

FREE Services for RSOs

RSO Promo Package

Every RSO has access to one FREE RSO Promo Package per school year. This includes:

  • 3 hours of design time (if your deadline is before Aug. 28)
  • 78 8.5"x11" color posters
  • Campus posting
  • 1 matte banner hung in Kirkhof
  • 200 single-sided color pluggers
  • 1 Laker Hub slide (can be posted for up to 4 weeks)


If there is an item that you don't want included, please let us know. We can remove items from your package, but we do not allow substitutions. You are welcome to submit your own designs, or we can create them for you. We do have some opportunities to upgrade your package (for a fee):

  • Upgrade to 11"x17" color posters
  • Upgrade to double-sided pluggers
  • Add 3 sticker sheets (30 1.5" stickers per sheets= 90 stickers total)
  • Add 200 additional pluggers (400 in total)
  • Add 1 additional hour of design time


Submit a service request to get started! Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with questions.


Note About Campus Life Night:

If you are looking for Campus Life Night materials, please note that we are not currently offering design time due to limited staffing availability. If you submit your own designs before Aug. 16, we will still be able to get items printed before Campus Life Night on Aug. 28. Design time will be available for other projects once the semester has started. 

Free Laker Hub Slides for RSOs

Laker Hub slides are now free for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)! Each RSO is permitted to have one Laker Hub slide up at a time (4 weeks max per slide). Please make sure you are following all Laker Hub slide design standards before you submit your service request and attach your file. If you’d like, we can design slides for you, but your organization will be charged for design time.

Other Resources

Copy Center

The Copy Center is located on the lower level of the Laker Store. They can print posters and pluggers while you wait.

Creation Station

The Creation Station is located in our room, 0008 Kirkhof. All the supplies are free to use, and include: construction paper, die cuts, poster board, markers, scissors, glue, and more! Popular uses of the Creation Station include bulletin board decorations (for RAs) and tabling/event signage (for student orgs).

Fall 2022 hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Page last modified August 4, 2022