Past Bid Opportunities

Purchasing is accepting proposals for the following open bids. Please review the bid documents carefully to ensure compliance with all specifications and instructions. Contact the buyer indicated if you have any questions or need assistance. If you haven't already registered, please complete and return a Vendor Profile Form.

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Due Date Bid Number Title Contact
7/10/14 214-57 Bituminous Spray Patching Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
7/15/14 214-56 Roading and Parking Lot Line Painting Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
9/17/14 215-06 Chevrolet Silverado Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
10/2/14 215-07 Showplace Guidebook Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
11/10/14 215-08 General Janitorial Supplies and Equipment Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
11/14/14 215-21 2015 Ford Explorer Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
1/5/15 215-22 Secchia Residence Hall Bedroom/Dining Room Furniture Kip Smalligan
1/6/15 215-10 WGVK Tower Light Upgrade Project Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
1/6/15 215-23 Lease of Student Life Crew Team Extended Cab Diesel Pickup Truck Kip Smalligan
2/3/15 215-25 Telemarketing Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
2/11/15 215-27 2015 Buick Enclave (Black) Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
2/11/15 215-24 Meadows Golf Course Annual Equipment Maintenance Kip Smalligan
2/20/15 215-26 Web Development for Student to Steward Website Kip Smalligan
3/11/15 215-28 Videonystagmography (VNG/ENG) Equipment Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
3/18/15 215-29 Residence Hall Mattresses Kip Smalligan
4/1/15 215-30 2015 Buick Enclave Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/7/15 215-33 Housing Polo and T-Shirts Kip Smalligan
5/8/15 215-35 Lawn Care Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/8/15 215-32 Custodial Services GVSU Pew Campus Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/15/15 215-31 VMWare Storage Solution Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/1/15 215-37 Science Division Annual Chemicals, Equipment and Supplies Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/9/15 215-38 Small Front-End Loader Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/22/15 215-36 Advertising Agency for Image/Brand Campaign Kip Smalligan
7/13/15 215-39 Road and Parking Lot Line Painting Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
7/14/15 215-40 2016 Ford T-250 Transit Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle