Past Bid Opportunities

Purchasing is accepting proposals for the following open bids. Please review the bid documents carefully to ensure compliance with all specifications and instructions. Contact the buyer indicated if you have any questions or need assistance. If you haven't already registered, please complete and return a Vendor Profile Form.

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Due Date Bid Number Title Contact
4/29/22 222-30 Building Security Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
4/29/22 222-34 Injury Care Clinic Athletic Training Services Provider Kip Smalligan
5/12/22 222-36 GV Magazine Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/13/22 222-37 Red Hat Enterprise Licenses, Maintenance and Support Aaron Caccamo
5/13/22 222-33 Vehicle Mounted LPR Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/27/22 222-48 Pest Control Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/1/22 222-35 Science Division Summer RFP - 2022 Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/30/22 RFI Request for Information - Print/Mail Supplier for Annual Giving Campaign Kip Smalligan
7/22/22 222-50 Fundraising Campaign Feasibility Study Kip Smalligan
8/19/22 222-51 Salesforce CRM Software Managed Services Kip Smalligan
9/2/22 222-51 Salesforce Managed Services Kip Smalligan
9/9/22 222-52 Salesforce API & Data Warehouse Solution Kip Smalligan
11/14/22 223-11 General Janitorial Supplies, Equipment & Chemical Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
12/5/22 223-13 Science Div. Mid Yr RFP Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
1/3/23 223-14 Sports Wheelchairs Kip Smalligan
1/26/23 223-15 Perception Research Study Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
2/6/23 223-17 Air Charter Transportation Kip Smalligan
2/13/23 223-19 Police Body Worn Camera Equipment Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
3/7/23 223-18 Haas Garden Installation Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
3/15/23 223-31 IT Vehicle Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
3/24/23 223-30 RFP # 223-30 - PENETRATION TESTING Aaron Caccamo
3/31/23 223-16 SBDC Regional Host Kip Smalligan
4/14/23 223-16 MI - SBDC Regional Host Kip Smalligan
4/25/23 223-34 Athletics Ticketing System Kip Smalligan
4/28/23 223-35 Housing Lounge Furniture Kip Smalligan