Past Bid Opportunities

Purchasing is accepting proposals for the following open bids. Please review the bid documents carefully to ensure compliance with all specifications and instructions. Contact the buyer indicated if you have any questions or need assistance. If you haven't already registered, please complete and return a Vendor Profile Form.

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Please visit again, and thank you for your interest in doing business with GVSU. If you are interested in receiving notification when new bids appear, sign up here.


Due Date Bid Number Title Contact
10/14/13 214-11 IP Encoders System Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
10/21/13 214-12 Equipment for Sale - CNC Mill Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
10/24/13 213-35 Integrated Video Conference System Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
10/29/13 214-13 Equipment for Sale - Radiology X-Ray Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
11/11/13 214-14 Janitorial Supplies and Equipment Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
11/12/13 214-16 Seidman Update and Review Printing Kip Smalligan
11/14/13 214-15 Football Weight Room Equipment Kip Smalligan
11/27/13 214-18 Conference and Event Planning Chairs Kip Smalligan
12/5/13 214-19 Football Weight Room Flooring Kip Smalligan
12/6/13 214-17 Science Division Mid-Year Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
1/15/14 214-20 Marketing Communications Support Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
2/11/14 214-21 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE FWD Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
3/18/14 214-22 Housing Lounge and Dining Furniture - Laker Village Apartments Kip Smalligan
4/3/14 214-23 Meadows Golf Course Greens Mowers Kip Smalligan
4/30/14 214-35 Housing Residence Hall Mattresses Kip Smalligan
5/5/14 214-38 Video Equipment Kip Smalligan
5/8/14 214-42 Startle Response System Kip Smalligan
5/16/14 214-36 Housing Polo and T-Shirts Kip Smalligan
5/27/14 214-40 Computerized Dynamic Posturography Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/28/14 214-34 Chemicals, General Supplies and Equipment Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/29/14 214-41 Rotational Vestibular Chair Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
5/30/14 214-37 CHS Lab Equipment Maintenance Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/12/14 214-43 Social media Engagement Consultant Kip Smalligan
6/25/14 214-45 Member Discount Program Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
6/30/14 214-44 Asphalt Pavement Services Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle