Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Academic Year

Click here for current graduate tuition rates for 2023-2024. The professional curriculum totals 103 credit hours for the 28 month program.

Total Cost of GVSU PA Program

Program Component

Student Cost


Application (non refundable)


Unless previously applied to GVSU.

Total Tuition


$796 per credit hour for a total of 103 credit hours.  GVSU graduate tuition rates are the same for Michigan and Non-Michigan residents.

*Clinical Rotation Fee


The Clinical Rotation Fee will be instituted with the PAS cohort entering Fall 2023 (Graduating Class of 2025).  This fee represents clinical facilitation costs associated with a clinical placement.  The fee will be divided between the three semesters of clinical rotations ($1,467 x 3).

Projected Additional Cost of Medical Equipment


Dependent upon the student's purchase, various options are available at lower costs.

Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Training Courses


Students are required to take BLS and ACLS as part of the MPAS program.

Health Compliance Costs

$162 to $1,450

Students are responsible for the cost of obtaining/maintaining health compliance.  Health compliance costs very with estimates ranging from $162 to $1,450, depending upon the type of services required and location received.  Some services may be covered by health insurance.  Students may contact Financial Aid for assistance in covering these costs.

GVSU Health Compliance Policy 

Health Compliance Estimated Costs



The GVSU PAS program utilizes, an online comprehensive Healthcare Education resource, for the clinical year. This program takes the place of clinical year required textbooks.

Traverse City Campus Students


On occasion, the students will be required to travel to the GR PAS site.  This may happen up to two times during your time in the program.  Each trip, from site-to-site, is approximately 280 miles, and the average hotel cost is roughly $155.



This one-time fee for memberships to both AAPA and MAPA may be required for GVSU funding to attended conferences.

*Tuition and Clinical Rotation Fees are subject to change.

Breakdown By Semester

Academic Phase


Credits Per Semester

Total Semester Tuition

Semester 1 

17 Credits


Semester 2

17 Credits


Semester 3

15 Credits


Semester 4

18 Credits


Clinical Phase


Credits Per Semester

Total Semester Tuition

Semester 5

12 Credits


Semester 6 

12 Credits


Semester 7

12 Credits


** A Clinical Rotation Fee of $1,467/semester will be required beginning with the PAS cohort entering the program in Fall 2023 (Graduating Class of 2025).  The fee along with tuition is subject to change.

Financial Support

Ways to finance your education:

Graduate Assistantships

There are a limited number of graduate assistantships in the University. They are part-time, paid work experiences for graduates in their field of study, which allows them to expand and/or apply their discipline knowledge and skills under supervision. Tuition is also paid based on requirements of number of hours worked and course credits being taken per semester.

Graduate Student Presidential Research Grants

Academic Conference Fund

For more information on Financial Support , scholarship search, and filing for FAFSA, please visit  the GVSU Financial Aid website.


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