Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Physician Assistant Program Advisory Committee is to serve the Program by assisting in maintaining the quality of the educational experience, specifically clinical experience.  Membership to the Physician Assistant Studies Program Advisory Committee is by invitation from the Program Director based upon recommendation from Program faculty, a member of the professional community or personal experience with an individual. 

Members of the Committee may include physicians and physician assistants from the professional community, administrators of treatment facilities in the area, members of the academic community at GVSU, the PAS program Medical Director, consumers of physician assistant services and/or other health care practitioners that may have contact with the GVSU PAS students. 

The roles and responsibilities of the Program Advisory Committee are related primarily to the development, maintenance and evaluation of the quality of the Physician Assistant Studies Program in relation to its clinical training and community affiliations.  These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with clerkship planning
  • Assisting in the identification of clinical experts in content areas to help ensure that clerkships deliver current, accurate and pertinent information concerning physician assistant practice
  • Assisting in the review of program policies
  • Assisting in the admission policies and procedures
  • Assisting in program evaluation
  • Assisting in the support and promotion of the Program

The Program Advisory Committee meets quarterly with additional meetings as needed.  The current Chair of the Program Advisory is GVSUs Physician Assistant Studies Medical Director Dr. Steffen Genthe, M.D. Currently the Committee holds members with varying ranges of specialties including but not limited to Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Endocrinology, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Internal Medicine.

Advisory Committee Members

Timothy Gawronski, PA-C  Hospital Medicine

Steffen Genthe, M.D.  Advisory Committee Chair and GVSU PAS Medical Director

Carlos Merritt, M.D.  Spectrum Health Internal Medicine

Khan Nedd, M.D.  Spectrum Health Internal Medicine

Megan Paniwozik, PA-C  University of Michigan Health-West

Corey Schaedig, PA-C  St. Mary’s Emergency Medicine

Jill Tallman, PA-C  Spectrum Health Diabetes and Adolescent Medicine

Amy Werling, PA-C  Sparta Family Practice Mercy Health St. Mary’s

Jim Frick, PA-C  Neuromuscular and Rehabilitation Associates of Northern Michigan 

Robert Smith, M.D.  Munson Medical Center Emergency Medicine and Medical Director of Munson Regional EMS Education  

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