Information for Hospital Community Experience Preceptors

GVSU Physician Assistant Studies - Hospital Community Experiences (HCE)

Thank you for participating in the Hospital Community Experience (HCE) course series!  The goal of the hospital community experiences is to provide an opportunity for PAS students to learn about and from other members of the healthcare team.  We couldn't achieve this goal without your help!  Click here for a description of the requisite knowledge, abilities, and skills and administrative and education duties and responsibilities for serving as a HCE preceptor.


This website contains helpful information to allow you to provide learning experiences that enable students to achieve the course learning outcomes and instructional objectives.  Click here for the course learning outcomes and instructional objections relevant to the hospital community experiences for this course series.


Hospital community experiences are observational-only experiences.  Students are not allowed to directly provide any patient care during these experiences.  Since these are observation-only experiences, no formal assessment of student performance is required by HCE preceptors.  Students complete a self-reflection for PAS program faculty following completion of the experience.


Our student's safety and security are paramount to GVSU and the PAS program.  Please orient students to any relevant safety and security procedures for the experience.  If you have any question or concerns about this course, please contact:


PAS Program Faculty Contract for the Grand Rapids campus:

Michelle Strange


[email protected]


PAS Program Faculty Contact for the Traverse City campus:

Patrick Smith


[email protected]


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