Traverse City Campus

The PAS program was the recipient of a HRSA grant which was awarded to expand the PAS program to Northern Michigan. The purpose of the grant was to support the program to educate individuals who plan to provide health care to the Northern Michigan community.  Although the grant was completed in 2017, the goal of educating students to provide care to the Northern Michigan area remains unchanged. As such, if invited to an interview, applicants to the Traverse City campus will be required to identify their interests in medically underserved areas and highlight characteristics which would make them successful in this community. Furthermore, in addition to the general admission requirements which include GPA, GRE, prerequisite courses, recommendation rubrics, and interview, admission to the Traverse City campus will also include the following considerations: previous/current residence in Northern Michigan, and previous/current connections to or experiences in Northern Michigan.

Traverse City Regional Center - Masters of Physician Assistant Studies

For more information about the Traverse City Campus or the GVSU PA program, please feel free to contact us at 231-995-1785 or by email at [email protected].

Page last modified March 1, 2022