Faculty and Staff

Grand Rapids Campus

Andrew Booth DHEd, PA-C


PAS Department Chair and Assistant Professor
Phone: 616-331-5991
Office: CHS 220
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Steffen Genthe M.D.


PAS Department Medical Director
Office: CHS 200
Email: steffengenthe@yahoo.com

Theresa Bacon-Baguley, Ph.D.

Theresa Bacon-Baguley, PhD

Associate Dean of Research and Professor
Phone: 616-331-5986
Office: CHS 128
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Charlene Dubois, MPA, RD

Charlene Dubois

PAS Co-Chair of Clinical Education and Affiliate Faculty
Phone: 616.331.5987
Cell: 616-438-1345
Office: CHS 228
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Jill Ellis, DHSc, PA-C

Jill Ellis

PAS Chair of Admissions Committee and Assistant Professor
Phone: 616-331-5713
Office: CHS 224
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David L. Geenen, Ph.D.

David Geenen

Assistant Professor
Phone: 616-331-5558
Office: CHS 216
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Mandy German PA-C

Mandy German

PAS Co-Chair of Clinical Education and Affiliate Faculty
Office: 616-331-5988 
Cell: 616-460-7080 
Office: CHS 226
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M. Lisa Pagnucco PharmD, BCACP, BCGP


Associate Professor 
Email: pagnuccm@gvsu.edu
Phone: 616-331-5985
Office: CHS 222
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Molly Paulson, DHSc, PA-C, MT (ASCP)

Molly Paulson

Assistant Professor  
Phone: 616-331-5601
Office: CHS 218
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Susan A. Raaymakers, DHSc, PA-C, RDCS (AE, PE)

Susan Raaymakers

PAS Chair of Pre-Clinical Education Curriculum and Assistant Professor
Phone: 616-331-5994
Office: CHS 232
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Martina I. Reinhold, Ph.D.

Martina Reinhold

PAS Assistant Department Chair for Assessment and Associate Professor
Phone: 616-331-5989
Office: CHS 230
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Cathy Tomek

Cathy Tomek

PAS Academic Coordinator
Office: 200 CHS
Phone: 616-331-5630

Traverse City Campus

Nicholus Kopacki, MPAS, PA-C

Nick Kopacki

PAS Assistant Department Chair for Traverse City and Affiliate Faculty
Traverse City Campus
Phone: 616-331-5576
Office: NMC UC Suite 15
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Amanda Reddy, PA-C

Amanda Reddy

PAS Chair of Student Services and Affiliate Faculty
Traverse City Campus
Phone: 616-331-5575 
Office: NMC UC Suite 15
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