Woodwinds at GVSU

Bassoon | Clarinet | Flute | Oboe | Saxophone

Woodwind Faculty

Arthur Campbell

Marlen Vavrikova

Dan Graser
Associate Professor

Abigail Walsh
Visiting Professor

Gary June
Adjunct Instructor

Victoria Olson
Adjunct Instructor

Studying Woodwinds at GVSU

The Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, and Saxophone studios make up the Woodwinds area of the GVSU Music Theatre, and Dance Department. In addition to performing in GVSU’s large ensembles, such as Wind Symphony, Concert Band, and Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Laker Marching Band and other athletic bands, students have the opportunity to perform in chamber ensembles and the New Music Ensemble. GVSU woodwind students study with the above faculty weekly through individual lessons, studio classes, and masterclasses. 

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