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Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance Transfer Requirements

Please note: university guidelines always take precedence.

The sole purpose of the GVSU Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance course transfer policies is to ensure that all entering students have a successful and quality academic experience. The first and most important step for all transfer students is to present a satisfactory transcript from all previously attended institutions.

Music Transfer Students
Transfer students who are seeking a degree in music are required to take an audition and placement exams in theory, aural skills, and keyboard musicianship. Students will be placed at the most appropriate course levels to ensure a successful and quality academic experience. All transfer credit decisions will be based on the results of the audition and placement exams. It is important to note that students who through the placement exams are passed out of theory, aural skills or keyboard musicianship courses must still complete the minimum credit requirements for their degree (120 credit hours for a bachelor's degree), the final 30 credit hours in residence at Grand Valley State University, and meet other stated university policies.

Students requesting transfer credit for music courses completed at another institution will have those courses reviewed by the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance Chairperson or appointed designate to determine if specific music course credit, general music course credit, or general credit will be granted. Specific music course credit will only be considered for theory, aural skills, or keyboard musicianship taken at another institution if the student has demonstrated mastery of the course material in their placement exam. Specific course credit for applied lessons will likewise only be considered if the student has demonstrated to the complete satisfaction of an audition committee that commensurate performance and musicianship skill levels for the corresponding applied lesson number at Grand Valley State University have been met.

Credit for upper level music courses (300 and above) may be granted on a case by case basis by the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance Chairperson or designate. Students requesting upper level course credit for work completed at another NASM institution must submit the following course materials: 1) catalog course description, 2) syllabus, and 3) any other supportive information they feel may strengthen their request. Credit will be granted in cases where it can be determined that completed work at another institution matches the scope, level, and time/credit requirements outlined by Grand Valley State University and other NASM accredited schools.

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