Study Abroad Options

There are three different ways to study abroad and get credit towards the Honors program:

1) You can substitute a semester (or, in some cases, summer) abroad for a Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequence.

2) You can go on one of the Honors faculty-led programs. In Spring/Summer 2018, there are three such opportunities:

a. Ghana Program, Cultural Exchange and Service Learning.

b. Nicaragua Program. For more information, contact Prof. Paul Lane at

c. Haiti Program: Water, Environmental Issues and Service Learning. For even more information about the Haiti program, click here.

3) You may substitute a course you take abroad for an Honors requirement such as a Social Science course or a Junior Seminar. See the curriculum checklist for options. You must get approval from the director of the Honors College to make such a substitution.


Please visit our map for an interactive way to view where students have studied abroad, to learn about their experiences, and to contribute your own information!


For a sense of what some students have been doing and seeing, see the following blogs and videos:

Honors Ghana Service-Learning Program Blog 2014

Sarah Tibbe in Argentina

Michael Dykstra in Peru

Kristen Hollingsworth in Italy

Dakota Vradenburg in Australia

Gail Berkompas in Chile

Meagan Roche in Oman

Kaleigh Carlson in India

Zoe Kilbourne in Denmark

Mario Amaya-Velazquez in Italy

Kathleen Carlson in Ecuador

Ghanaian women use the cassava grater designed and built by Ross Ezinga

Alison McNulty in Bilbao in Spain

For more information about available programs, contact the Meijer Honors College Office at or (616) 331-3219, or the Padnos International Center, email or call (616) 331-3898.

Page last modified August 31, 2018