Current Student Curriculum Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to receive the Honors designation on their final transcript, Honors students must graduate with a 3.2 overall, or cumulative, GPA.

All students are welcome to stay in Honors until graduation in order to complete their general education requirements, even if their final GPA prevents them from earning the official Honors designation. If your GPA drops below 3.2 at any time during your academic career, our advisors may reach out to you to offer help and guidance. Our goal is to help you do as well as possible, and we hope that includes graduating with the Honors designation. But even if you don't earn the designation, we hope you stay in Honors and take advantage of what we have to offer.

Students must inform the Frederik Meijer Honors College of their wish to drop in writing by emailing [email protected]. Students should meet with one of our advisors beforehand to discuss the transition from the Honors curriculum to GVSU's standard General Education curriculum. Students can schedule an appointment in Navigate or by calling (616) 331-3219.

HNR 499 is your Honors Senior Project. It provides for the opportunity to study an area of interest in a sustained and in-depth exploration; learn more about your chosen field; make stronger connections to professionals in the field; hone research, writing, and critical thinking skills; create a tangible, substantive accomplishment you can feel proud about and can discuss in job interviews, letters of application, and graduate school applications; or do work which will make you more competitive for grants, fellowships, graduate schools, or employment. Please review our Senior Project website for more information.

Submit your HNR 499 proposal here. Upon approval, students will be notified that they have been given permission (an override) in Banner to register for HNR 499 and the corresponding section based on credit hours. Please do not submit an override request for the senior project, you will receive an email after the proposal is approved by our Director.

Visit the Registrar's website here for information regarding graduation! In order to have the Frederik Meijer Honors College designation on your diploma and transcripts, you must also email the Honors Office at [email protected] and inform the office the semester before of your plans to graduate.

Please review your myPath to check that all of your requirements are complete. If you have questions, you can schedule an appointment with one of our advisors using Navigate or contact the office for same-day availability by email or phone (616) 331-3219. 

Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2020 are following our previous Honors curriculum. You are encouraged to connect with an Honors advisor for guidance on completing your requirements. You may email an Honors advisor or schedule an appointment using Navigate or by calling our office at 616-331-3219.

GVSU Writing Requirements

All GVSU students must earn credit for WRT 150 and two SWS courses.

WRT 150. Honors students satisfy the WRT 150 requirement by completing HNR 151 and HNR 152 (the fall semester of a first-year sequence) with an average grade of B or better. They may also earn WRT 150 credit through AP or CLEP exam or by transferring an approved course from another college or university.

SWS. Honors students can earn credit for one SWS course by completing HNR 154 (in the winter semester of a first-year sequence) with a C or better. They must earn their second SWS course credit outside of Honors--typically within their major. Students who have WRT 150 credit may earn SWS credit by taking any designated SWS course, so Honors students who fail to earn SWS credit through HNR 154 may do so by taking designated SWS courses outside of Honors.

Portfolio Appeal. Students who do not earn WRT 150 credit through HNR 151 and HNR 152 may appeal to the Director of the Honors College by collecting three graded papers, including at least two from the first-year sequence, and appending a cover letter making the case that the writing demonstrates B-or-better qualities in WRT 150. Please email the packet to [email protected] or drop them at 120 Niemeyer, the Meijer Honors College Office. The Director may consult with the sequence faculty and/or the Faculty Chair in Honors in making a final determination. If the appeal succeeds, the Honors office will request a WRT 150 waiver from Records. If the appeal fails, the student will need to satisfy the WRT 150 requirement through CLEP exam or transfer, or by successfully completing the WRT 150 course.

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