Honors Housing Options

Living in Honors housing is optional, but is encouraged because it offers a rich sense of community. Honors has several excellent housing options. Please note, though, that style of housing is not guaranteed. Placement is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center

This housing is formatted in a "Cluster Style," which is optimal housing for first-year students because it builds rich and deep community.  It is a vital part of the Honors living/learning community.  The new building features the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Lounge and kitchen on every floor and game room in the basement
  • Elevator access to each floor
  • Classrooms (with a number of Honors classes)
  • Computer lab
  • Honors Advisor with scheduled office hours in the building
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels in the building
  • Roomy living space--two students per room
  • Shared bathroom close to each room
  • Called "cluster style" because rooms are arranged in small clusters around bathrooms and lounge spaces
  • Built to LEED standards with state-of-art sustainability practices

Further details and floor plans for the building can be found here

Holton Hooker Learning and Living Center aerial view

The Glenn A. Niemeyer Learning and Living Center

Students studying in the Seeger reading room

Niemeyer Learning and Living Center front view

Students lounging in a Niemeyer four bedroom apartment

  • Apartments: 2 bedroom (2 person), 4 bedroom (4 person), and studio-style (1 person)
  • Four state-of-the-art classrooms
  • Computer lab
  • Reading room
  • Large community rooms with fireplaces
  • Access to faculty member offices and meeting spaces in the building adjacent to student living spaces
  • Gardens surrounding the living-learning center providing additional educational and social space
  • Wireless network capability

Click here to view floor plans for Niemeyer.

Please note that space in the Niemeyer Learning and Living Center is very limited and usually goes quickly.


To be considered for Honors housing you must do the following:

  • Apply on the Housing website.
  • Complete the Meijer Honors College Application and be accepted into the program by the May 1 deadline.

Note: You must be accepted to Grand Valley before you can apply for housing or the Frederik Meijer Honors College.

Consider also other types of living/learning communities. In some ways, it is the best of both worlds to participate in Honors and live in a center which focuses on your greatest interests. See this page for the other living/learning community opportunities.

Online Housing Application