Governance Committees

Honors Governance Committees

The Frederik Meijer Honors College is part of the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies, and it functions both as an academic unit, or department, and as a university-wide academic program. The Honors College has two governance committees: the Honors Faculty Council (HFC) and the Honors Curriculum and Development Committee (HCDC).

Honors Faculty Council (HFC)

Membership: all tenured and tenure-track faculty in Honors (i.e., those whose tenure is in Honors—referred to here as “full-time Honors faculty”); all faculty-in-residence in Honors; all Honors academic and enrichment advisors (non-voting); ex-officio: Director of the Honors College

Chair: Chair of the Honors Faculty (unit head)

Honors Curriculum and Development Committee (HCDC)

Membership: Chair of the Honors Faculty; two full-time Honors faculty (staggered 3-year terms); up to two faculty with joint appointments in Honors; five faculty reps from CLAS (staggered 3-year terms); one faculty rep each from BCOIS, CECI, CHP, KCON, PCEC, SCOB, and University Libraries (staggered 3-year terms); three Honors students; Director of the Honors College (ex officio)

Chair: Chair of the Honors Faculty


Charged with:

  1. Setting personnel standards and policies for all Honors faculty, including full-time Honors faculty, faculty-in-residence, joint appointments, and Honors associates
  2. Developing application procedures for faculty-in-residence, joint appointments, and Honors associates
  3. Conducting personnel reviews for renewal, tenure, and promotion of full-time Honors faculty
  4. Coordinating faculty mentoring
  5. Developing curricular and pedagogical standards and guidelines for the Honors College, in consultation with the Honors Curriculum and Development Committee
  6. Initiating, often jointly with Honors associates, all HNR new-course and course-change proposals through faculty governance
  7. Conducting regular unit assessments and strategic planning
  8. Developing co-curricular programming for Honors
  9. Prioritizing representation needs for college and university committees
  10. Reviewing nominations and appointments to college and university committees to ensure adequate representation and equity among faculty
  11. Developing and maintaining an awards committee that nominates faculty and students for college and university awards, and reviews applications for and votes on Honors awards

Charged with:

  1. Developing curriculum in accordance with the standards and guidelines established in consultation with the Honors Faculty Council
  2. Reviewing curriculum proposals submitted by faculty
  3. Ensuring compliance with General Education curricular requirements
  4. Reviewing and approving ad hoc curricular proposals (e.g., shortening a sequence, running courses as 280s, etc.)
  5. Giving suggestions and advice on direction for Honors, often in response to HFC draft documents
  6. Recruiting prospective faculty to propose courses and/or teach in existing sequences, etc.
  7. Making suggestions for co-curricular activities
  8. Developing student opportunities and outreach
  9. Reviewing and selecting the annual Honors Senior Project awards

2023-24 Members:

Ellen Adams, Jeremiah Cataldo, Maria Cimitile, Kurt Ellenberger, Coeli Fitzpatrick (chair), Rob Franciosi (Faculty-in-Residence), Roger Gilles (ex officio), Gary Greer (Faculty-in-Residence), Barry Kanpol, Leifa Mayers (Faculty-in-Residence), Joel Stillerman (Faculty-in-Residence), Melba Vélez Ortiz, Peter Wampler, Kary Wickham (advisor).

2023-24 Members:

Ellen Adams (Honors), Sydney Addington (Honors Student Council), Sophia Bates (Student Senate), Anne Caillaud (CLAS), Coeli Fitzpatrick (Honors, chair), Shirley Fleischmann (PCEC), Roger Gilles (Honors, ex officio), Naoki Kanaboshi (CECI), Natalie Laudicina (CLAS), Haixia Liu (BCOIS), Debbie Morrow (Libraries), Zsuzsanna Palmer (CLAS), Thomas Pentecost (CLAS), Joel Stillerman (CLAS and Honors), Janet Winter (KCON). SCOB and additional student rep TBD.

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