About the Program

What Honors Means

These short videos feature Honors faculty and students talking about what Honors means to them.

Honors faculty talk about their experiences

Honors Students talk about their experiences

The Honors Experience

Two recent graduates reflect on their experience in the Frederik Meijer Honors College.

December 2020 graduate Grace Branding reflects on her Honors experience

December 2020 graduate Grace Branding

Graduating senior Lukila Witthoeft reflects on her Honors College experience

December 2020 graduate Lukila Witthoeft

Honors Life

In the first video, current students talk about living in our Niemeyer Learning & Living Center. The second video offers a quick look at our Honors Life Night event in fall 2019.

This is our video about living in Honors housing

Honors housing

Video about Honors Life Night 2019

Honors Life Night 2019

Spotlight Videos

These videos are available elsewhere on the Honors page or GVSU website, but because they feature Honors students, we want to share them here. Check them out to see members of the Honors community reflect on their experiences.

Honors student Selena Brown talks about her experience

Honors student Selena Brown

Spotlight on Christa Fernando

Honors student Christa Fernando

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frederik Meijer Honors College is an alternative general education program for students who desire to challenge themselves academically. Many of our classes are interdisciplinary and team-taught while utilizing smaller class sizes to elicit greater discussion. We understand that sometimes the moments of greatest learning are unplanned. These smaller classes, coupled with the fact that many professors hold office hours nearby, foster a deeper personal connection between students and professors. Another feature of our curriculum is an active schedule of co-curricular activities, both on campus and off.

The Frederik Meijer Honors College also includes an integrated living and learning environment promoting intellectual curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning that will live on well beyond our students' undergraduate years. The Glenn A. Niemeyer Learning and Living Center offers students the opportunity to take classes in the same building in which they live. The Honors Office, Honors Director, and many professors' offices are located in the Niemeyer Learning and Living Center, giving students quick and easy access to all resources available. There are Honors housing options on the north side of campus as well in the Holton-Hooker Learning & Living Center, which offers a vibrant Honors freshman community with spacious common areas, meeting space for staff and students, and proximity to many campus facilities, including the Commons, the Marketplace, the Kindschi Hall of Science, and the Fieldhouse. 

The Honors College is a resource to help students identify opportunities, make informed and reflective decisions about career goals, and to prepare both inside and outside the classroom to be competitive for the best jobs, graduate programs, professional programs, and fellowships.

Yes, for many reasons. An Honors education is about much more than just gaining information. Throughout the curriculum, professors challenge students to improve and enhance their writing and speaking skills, which are crucial in today's business world and in many professions. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the means by which we develop as critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers. Classroom discussions and group projects help students become more open-minded and collaborative. These are the kind of global and local citizenship skills college graduates need to function in our increasingly complex world. We believe that Honors College graduates leave us with the ability to take on any challenge with confidence.

Graduate program admissions committees and employers look for people who set high standards for themselves and excel--those who prefer the less traveled but more challenging route. But you don't travel that route alone. The faculty and staff of the Frederik Meijer Honors College are here to help by putting our experience and knowledge to work for you. That may mean helping you identify opportunities, such as scholarships, internships, and research; fielding questions about careers in our disciplines; writing substantive letters of reference that can make a difference, or even contacting a colleague at another university on your behalf.

There are between 1400 and 1600 students in the Frederik Meijer Honors College, depending on the semester. This represents about 8% of the undergraduate population.

Students in the Meijer Honors College come from almost every major--about 90 different majors, currently. The Honors student body is about 65% female.

You can request more information by email at [email protected], or by phone at (616) 331-3219. Are you planning a visit? If so, let us know. We will arrange for you to talk with students and faculty members. You may even want to sit in on a class.

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