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This page includes information to help you prepare for your GVSU Orientation process. Please read it carefully, then use the following steps as a checklist to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps to prepare. If you do not plan to participate in the Frederik Meijer Honors College, please let us know at [email protected]. If there are any questions regarding the process below please call our office at 616-331-3219 or email [email protected]

Step 1: New Student Orientation

Sign Up for a Orientation Date: Signing up for Orientation is your way of telling us and Grand Valley that you will be attending. In summer 2023, we have reserved three Honors-specific Orientation/Registration dates: May 10, June 7, and June 22. Each of those dates is preceded by an optional (but strongly encouraged) Honors overnight orientation, which we describe below. You may choose a non-Honors registration date, but we hope one of the Honors dates may be a possibility for you. Even if you choose a non-Honors date, you may still participate in any of the Honors overnight orientations.

Your first step is to go to the New Student Orientation site to sign up for a date.

Step 2: Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequence

Foundational Interdisciplinary Sequence preference: Normally, incoming students in Honors will take a yearlong First-Year Interdisciplinary Sequence. There are many options, and we would like to get a sense of your preference for which sequence you would like to take. Please take some time to look at the offerings and course descriptions here. Please note that some sequences are currently full and should not be selected.

After you have reviewed the available sequences, please fill out the online form  listing the Interdisciplinary Sequence you wish to take in order of your preference, and provide a short rationale. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to get your first choice, but this information will help us when making sequence assignments. *Please note that the Advising & Registration date request on the form is your Orientation date* Make sure and fill out this form ASAP—forms are processed in the order they are received. Preference forms will be reviewed starting April 18, 2023. As your preference form is reviewed you will receive an email with your sequence assignment. Please bring that to your Orientation day.

Step 3: Honors Overnight Orientation

Honors Overnight Orientation: See below for more information about what an Honors Overnight Orientation is. There will be a $35 fee, paid via credit card, when you sign up using this form . Please bring your own bedding (sleeping bag or sheets/blankets), towels as well as toiletries or other necessities. 

Honors students participating in a photo scavenger hunt

What is an Overnight Orientation?

The Honors Overnight Orientation is a great opportunity to meet some fellow incoming Honors students during the summer before classes begin. After enjoying some pizza and salad with the Honors staff and peer mentors, you'll hear from the staff about the Honors experience. Then students and parents/supporters part ways for the night. Parents and supporters join the Honors staff and other campus representatives for an informative Q & A session. Incoming students join the mentors for on-campus tours, information sessions, and fun games, including our favorite, Body-Body. The overnight gives you the chance to talk to Honors faculty, meet new people, and get to know some current students. It also gives you the opportunity to stay in a dorm for a night to get a feel for campus. The Honors Overnight Orientation program is your first opportunity to be a Honors College student! Summer 2023 dates are May 9, June 6, June 21.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are specific Orientation dates designated for Honors students, though attending a non-Honors date is not a problem. On the Honors specific dates an overnight orientation program is available to parents and students the night before - please see this great video about the overnight! These programs are designed not only to familiarize you with the Frederik Meijer Honors College, but also to give you the opportunity to meet other incoming freshman, current students, and faculty/staff. 

No. The Honors College courses comprise the general education component of your undergraduate curriculum. Therefore, you still take courses in your major, minor, and any other courses you choose. Here's a quick overview of the curriculum.

The Honors curriculum at GVSU begins with a year-long grouping, or "sequence," of four integrated courses, two in the first semester and two in the second semester, that are team-taught by at least two faculty and that focus on a single interdisciplinary topic. The full list of sequence topics and descriptions for the upcoming academic year is available here.

No. You do not have to be enrolled in an Honors course every semester to remain in the Frederik Meijer Honors College.

No. Honors housing is optional. 

You must submit the Grand Valley general housing application, the $150 housing deposit, and designate the University Honors housing as your first choice.

Whether you’re in Honors housing on the north side of campus in the Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center, or on the south side in the Glenn A. Niemeyer building, residing in Honors allows you to be surrounded by like-minded students while simultaneously forming a strong sense of community. Living with other Honors students facilitates interactions and relationships between students that carry over into the classrooms, further enhancing students’ learning. Students can easily collaborate on course materials, have quick access to faculty and staff, and participate in other unique opportunities from the comforts of their buildings.

For specific housing details and the differences between our options please see our housing information page.

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