Save the Date!

It's never too early to plan ahead! Next year's symposium will be Thursday, April 30, 2020 from 11am to 1pm in the DeVos Center, Hager-Lubbers Exhibition Hall.

In partnership with the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, and University Libraries, we are excited to bring you the 18th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium!

This year, the symposium was held on, Wednesday May 1. In addition to ePosters and a "State of eLearning Address", an updated "Technology Test Kitchen" full of tasty #edtech recipes was provided.

Missed the symposium this year? Check out the highlights and photos on our eLearning blog and watch the Provost's keynote address!

Previous Years' Symposiums

Interview with GVSU 2019 Pew Teaching with Technology Award Winner, Dr. Julia VanderMolen

Teaching and Learning with Technology 2019 - Provost Cimitile Keynote


Each Spring, Grand Valley's Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium provides an opportunity for faculty to showcase how they're putting technology to use in their teaching. Faculty and staff from across the university gather for this afternoon of fun, food, and presentations. 

Last year, the symposium featured a keynote by Dean Annie Bélanger who shared how University Libraries support the adoption and creation of open educational resources (OER)  through advocacy, education, curation, and library publishing services in a session entitled: "OER, the University Libraries, and Liberal Education"

This year, we plan to have an updated "Technology Test Kitchen" where you can learn about a variety of technologies through innovative "recipes".

Make plans to join us for an awesome afternoon of connecting, learning, and sharing - all focused on enhancing teaching practices and the effective use of technology to support student success.

Learning Objectives

Attending the Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Acquire strategies, tips and techniques for incorporating technology into your everyday teaching 
  • Learn new approaches and sharpen your technology skills to keep your teaching current and effective
  • Create a support network of GVSU colleagues and eLearning team members that will last long after the symposium concludes

This symposium is most relevant for:

  • New faculty members who want to use technology to enhance their teaching 
  • Faculty who already use technology in teaching and want to become more proficient
  • Seasoned educators who want to sharpen their technology expertise or revitalize their courses
  • Educators who are transitioning to flipped, hybrid or online teaching
  • Department chairs or administrators who are looking for new ideas to implement on a broader scale



ePoster Sessions Open
1:00 - 3:30 PM

Technology Test Kitchen Presentations
1:00 – 1:15 Chef Kristen Vu  (Summer Salad with Lightboard Dressing)
1:20 – 1:35 Chef Lissa Brunan (Pear Deck Cobbler)
1:40 – 1:55  Chef Rosemary Cleveland (Journal Jam)

Recognition of the Pew Teaching with Technology Award Winners
2:00 PM

State of eLearning at GVSU
Provost Cimitile
2:05 PM

Technology Test Kitchen Presentations
2:40 – 2:55 Chef Julia VanderMolen (A Zippy Side Dish of Google Sites)
3:00 – 3:15 Chef Krista Benson (Slack Soup)

Symposium Closing
3:30 PM



Join in on the learning, the food, and fun!

  • Please REGISTER for the Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium

Note: For attendees from outside of Grand Valley State University, please use the following email registration link.


Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons 
LIB 030 - Multipurpose Room
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI
Grand Valley State University

Download a copy of the Symposium Booklet, which includes the schedule as well as descriptions of each presentation.


Maria C. Cimitile Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Maria C. Cimitile
Provost and Executive Vice President
for Academic and Student Affairs

Watch a video of the keynote

Photograph from Symposium 2017

Photograph from Symposium 2017

Photograph from Symposium 2017

Photograph from Symposium 2017



  • Pear Deck Cobbler Fresh Out of the Oven! 
    Chef Lissa Brunan
  • A Zippy Side Dish of  Google Sites
    Chef Julia VanderMolen
  • Journal Jam
    Created by Chef Rosemary Cleveland
  • Slack Soup: SOMETHING in Slack
  • Chef Krista Benson
  • Light and Fresh Summer Salad
    Chef Kristen Vu

Technology Test Kitchen Logo


  • Student Moderation of Panopto Discussion Boards
    Jeanine Beasley
  • Successful Inclusion of Students at a Distant Site using Technology
    Martina Reinhold
  • Inclement Weather: Campus Is Closed | Class Is Open
    Meagan (Luttenton) Knoll and Kevin Barrons
  • Using Online Reflective Journals to Support the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Education
    Rosemary Cleveland
  • Using Digitally Interactive Lectures to Increase Classroom Creativity
    Celine Browning
  • Blackboard Goals feature: curriculum alignment & evidence of learning
    Szymon Machajewski
  • Using a podcast to get students interested in healthcare
    Eric S. Ramsson
  • Why Google Classroom is Better Than Blackboard for Writing-based Instruction
    Robert Rozema
  • Pear Deck: There Is Life After Death (by PowerPoint)
    Lissa Brunan
  • Use of Light Board Videos to Reduce Cognitive Loading
    R. Marshall Werner
  • Zip Through Citations with Zotero!
    Betsy Williams and Barbara Harvey
  • Using videos and quizzes to teach and assess graduate student performance in financial problem solving
    Raymond J. Higbea
  • Bored-Free Discussions and Group Facilitation with Slack
    Krista Benson
  • Automating Confidentiality Training for Students
    Dan Vainner
  • Going Far Together: Assessing Best Practices for Online Team Work
    Christine (Tina) Yalda
  • Exploring the Future of Teaching and Learning through the Technology Showcase
    Eric Kunnen, Sam Krepel (student)
  • Evaluation of Health Literacy Competencies through Web Development
    Julia VanderMolen
  • How Online Teaching Strengthens Seated Pedagogy
    Maureen Wolverton
  • Panopto for teaching and research
    Greg Warsen
  • Panopto Quizzing Results in Student and Teacher Understanding
    Susan M. Strouse
  • Improving Student Oral Presentations using PitchVantage
    Paul Hillman
  • Do you give a “Kahoot!”?
    Larry Warkoczeski
  • Creating Room for Vulnerability in an Online Asynchronous Course
    Kathryn Ohle
  • Turn the Red light to Green
    Cheryl Kautz and  Sherry Barricklow        
  • Assistive Technology for Students With and Without Disabilities
    Jeff Sykes           
  • Tips for Effective Online Synchronous Class Meetings
    Kristen Vu



Photograph of Julia VanderMolen

Julia VanderMolen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Public Health
Joined Grand Valley State University in 2013

While integrating educational technology into teaching public health, Julia VanderMolen incorporates TED-Ed assignments that require students to research, present, dig deeper, inquire, and discuss. Other tools include Brainshark (for recording lectures), Lightboard technology, and Google Drive. Colleagues and students recognize the thoughtful implementation of technology coupled with sound pedagogical strategies to create excellent learning environments. VanderMolen also has successfully published on the following topics: assistive technology, disabilities as they pertain to public health issues, interprofessional education, and teaching and learning.

Watch an interview with Dr. VanderMolen

Photograph of Julie White

Julie White, M.A.

Senior Affiliate of Writing
Joined Grand Valley State University in 2002

The hallmarks of Julie White’s success in integrating technology with her teaching are her openness to innovation and her collaborative spirit. By partnering with Grand Valley librarians, she introduces new ways for students to use technology. Additionally, by using Google Sheets to provide feedback on student writing and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for office hours, she gives students opportunities not only to learn new tools, but also ways they can use the tools in their professional lives. As a testament to the success of this strategy, one of her student’s essays was chosen for publication in WRT 150: A Guide to Student Writing.