2018 Symposium

In partnership with the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, and University Libraries, we are excited to bring you the 17th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium!

This year, we are holding the symposium on a new date, Wednesday May 2. In addition to ePosters and a "State of eLearning Address", we will have a brand new "Technology Test Kitchen" full of tasty #edtech recipes. 

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Each Spring, Grand Valley's Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium provides an opportunity for faculty to showcase how they're putting technology to use in their teaching. Faculty and staff from across the university gather for this afternoon of fun, food, and presentations. 

This year's Symposium will be held on Wednesday, May 2 at the downtown Pew campus.

Last year, the symposium featured a keynote by Thomas Tobin, Coordinator for Learning Technologies at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Northeastern Illinois University. Dr. Tobin's keynote was titled "Universal Design for Learning: Way Beyond Disabilities", providing a focus on UDL and accessibility. This year, the theme will be centered on open educational resources (OER). Dean Annie Bélanger will share how University Libraries support the adoption and creation of open educational resources (OER)  through advocacy, education, curation, and library publishing services. Further, she will position how open is an important component of liberal education

Don't miss this year, we have a brand new "Technology Test Kitchen" where you can learn about a variety of technologies through innovative 'recipes'!

Join us for an awesome afternoon of connecting, learning, and sharing - all focused on enhancing teaching practices and the effective use of technology to support student success.



ePoster Sessions
1:00 - 3:30 PM

Technology Test Kitchen Presentations
1:00 - 3:30 PM (Every 15 Minutes)

Recognition of the Pew Teaching with Technology Award Winners
Rosemary Cleveland (Education)
Andrew Korich (Chemistry)
2:00 PM

OER, the University Libraries, and Liberal Education
Dean Annie Bélanger
2:05 PM



Join in on the learning, the food, and fun!

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Hager-Lubbers Exhibition Hall
Pew Campus
Grand Valley State University


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Annie Belanger

OER, the University Libraries, and Liberal Education
Dean Annie Bélanger


  • A Taste of Camtasia 3: Using Interactive Quizzes and Surveys
    Maureen Wolverton, Liberal Studies Department
  • Helping Students Get 3-5 Years In – Before They "Get Out"
    Adrienne Wallace, School of Communications
  • Pear Deck: There is Life After DEATH (BY POWERPOINT)
    Lissa Brunan, Charter Schools Office, College of Education 
  • Electronic Portfolios and the Benefits of Integrating Project-Based Learning
    Rosemary Cleveland & Russ Barneveld, College of Education, Graduate Teacher Certification Program
  • Benefits of Student Created Video in an Undergraduate Public Health Course 
    Julia VanderMolen, Department of Public Health
  • ‘Flipping’ Occupational Therapy Orientation with Technology to Make it Palatable
    Scott Truskowski, Carla Floyd-Slabaugh, Occupational Science & Therapy
  • GVSU-NHA Leadership Partnership - A Journey of Learning and Best Practice in Online Instruction
    Richard Vandermolen & Suzanne Richards, College of Education, Educational Leadership
  • Using Google Folders for Peer-Feedback Assignments in Hybrid and Online Classes
    Zsuzsanna Palmer, Writing Department
  • Increase Student Awareness of Course Expectations with Google Surveys
    Mandy Forslund, Mathematics Department
  • OER: Not your Parents’ Form of Scholarship
    Susan M. Strouse, Genevieve Elrod, Karyn Butler, Kirkhof College of Nursing
  • Creating A Self-Paced and Interactive Learning Module from Open Sources
    Meagan A. (Luttenton) Knoll, Seidman College of Business, Department of Management
  • Digital Badges in Blackboard to Facilitate the Hero's Journey
    Szymon Machajewski, School of Computing & Information Systems
  • Seeing the Whole Room: Encouraging Critical Reflection Through 360 Video
    Robert Rozema & Karen Pezzetti 
  • Authorizing Blackboard in the Course Design to Build Interculturality
    Gisella Licari, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
  • The OER Tasting Bar
    Matt Ruen, GVSU University Libraries
  • Go-Go Google Docs: Supporting Student Collaboration, Connection, and Learning
    Erica R. Hamilton, College of Education, Literacy and Technology
  • Flipped Instruction Methods and Digital Technologies in the Learning Environment
    Kevin Barrons, Seidman College of Business, Department of Management
  • Step One of Teaching Online: Building Community!
    Pam Page & Liz Storey, College of Education, Literacy Studies & Teacher Preparation

Technology Test Kitchen Recipes

Don’t miss our brand new "Technology Test Kitchen" where you can learn about a variety of technologies through innovative 'recipes, as well as, explore our OER Tasting Bar! 

Now available! Download and print your own copy of the "eLearning Technology Test Kitchen" cookbook [PDF].

This year's 2018 Technology Test Kitchen Chefs include:

  • Weebly ePortfolio Pizza
    Chef Russ Barneveld and Chef Rosemary Cleveland
  • Pear Deck Cobbler Fresh Out of the Oven!
    Chef Lissa Brunan
  • Flipgrid Fritters
    Chef Kim Kenward
  • Blackboard Digital Badges Soup
    Chief Sous Chef Szymon Machajewski
  • Animoto Animal Cookies
    Chef Pam Page
  • TED-Ed Veggies Video Soup
    Chef Julia VanderMolen
  • A Taste of Camtasia: Instructional Videos for Creative Cooks
    Chef Maureen Wolverton
  • “Real Life” Ramen: Using Cheap or Free Online Tools to Create “Real World” Assignments & Experiences in the Classroom
    Chef Adrienne Wallace
  • OER Tasting Bar
    Bartender Matt Ruen