T-Squared: a Teaching and Technology Podcast

We're excited to announce T-Squared, a teaching and technology podcast from Grand Valley's eLearning and Emerging Technologies team. Each episode features conversations about new and upcoming technologies, discussions about current research and controversies, as well as advice, secrets, and best practices for putting technology to use in your teaching.

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Out of Place, Out of Time: A COVID-19 Mini-Episode (Season 2, Episode 2)

On our campus, we're a week deep into the response to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. As at most schools, faculty have been asked to finish the semester online. Most grasp that this means losing the act of physically meeting in a shared classroom. Given tools like Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom, many faculty are trying to recreate their classes by having students meet virtually during their assigned class times. In this first-of-several mini-episodes, we talk about why moving to remote teaching means you have to cope with the loss of your physical classroom AND your class time as well.

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Season 2, Episode 1

The T-Squared team returns for the first episode of season 2. In addition to choosing prize winners for the campus' New Faculty Orientation, they discuss what they learned over the summer and what they're looking forward to in the year ahead. Coffee in this episode was personally imported from Italy.

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Season 1

Episode 7: Symposium, Symposium, Symposium

In the final episode of the podcast's first season, Eric and Matt interview presenters and attendees at Grand Valley State University's 18th annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium. Those interviewed are: Kevin Barrons (Seidman College of Business), Lissa Brunan (College of Education, with her students MaKenna Kane and Breanne Dalm), Robert Talbert (Mathematics), Mark Luttenton (Graduate School), Sherry Barricklow (eLearning), Cheryl Kautz (Computing and Information Systems), and Jeff Sykes (Disability Support Resources).

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Episode 6: Lightboards, Digital Video, and Justin Melick

In this second of two interviews with Grand Valley's Digital Media Developers, we talk with Justin Melick. In his time at Grand Valley, Justin's work has centered around digital video. In addition to helping faculty across the university develop digital videos, Justin has experimented with 360 degree video, and is the designer of Grand Valley's three "lightboards."

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Episode 5: Local Coffee, Mixed Reality, and Empathy with Hunter Bridwell

In the first of a two episode series, we talk to Grand Valley's Digital Media Developers. Here we have a conversation with Hunter Bridwell. Many of the projects he works on involve virtual or augmented reality. We discuss several of these projects, including a project for Occupational Therapy that simulates the kind of "visual field cut" that often occurs in patients after they suffer a stroke. We also touch on Hunter's background in photography and how technology such as mixed reality can play a role in increasing empathy in education. And perhaps most importantly, Hunter brings us coffee from the Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand (roasted by the Schuil Coffee Company).

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Episode 4: Ally, Panopto, Faculty Learning Communities, and a Showcase Birthday

Deep deep apologies that it's taken so long for Episode 4 to reach your ears, but it's been a busy autumn around here and podcast post-production took a back burner to other projects. In this episode we get updates on podcast distribution (we're on Anchor and lots of other locations now!), campus usage of Blackboard Ally and Panopto. We talk briefly about our Online and Hybrid Faculty Learning Communities (join us each month). We also commemorate the fifth birthday of the Atomic Object Technology Showcase. Coffee in this episode is the Rwanda blend from Grand Rapids' own Rowster Coffee.

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Episode 3: Badges, Badgers, Blackboard, and more

Topics of conversation for our third episode include the University of Wisconsin's Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, Grand Valley State University's Faculty Badges Initiative, and the Blackboard Ally tool for improving content accessibility. The coffee in this episode is Mzuzu Specialty Coffee, brought to us by hand from Malawi. We also get an update on Mr. Coffee and declare a temporary embargo on discussing Amazon Alexa.

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Episode 2: Conferences, Emerging Technology, and Hospitality

In the second episode of T-Squared, Eric and Matt discuss Oakland University's e-Cornucopia Conference and the Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning. Their conversation covers a broad range of topics: accessibility and Universal Design of Learning, hospitality as a metaphor for teaching, and the role of emerging technologies like virtual/augmented reality and smart speaker technology. This episode's coffee arrived directly from Guatemala. And did you hear that there will be a new member of the T-Squared team?

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Episode 1: MACUL, Student Success, and GVSU's Technology Showcase

In this first ever episode of T-Squared, Eric and Matt discuss the 2018 Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) conference, including Bonnie St. John's keynote focused on failure, grit, and student success. Your hosts drink Kenyan coffee from Blue Bottle and talk about the Grand Valley's Atomic Object Technology Showcase.

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T-Squared: The Trailer (Episode 000)

Grand Valley State University's eLearning and Emerging Technologies team is pleased to announce T-Square: a podcast about teaching and technology. The first episode of this new podcast about the intersection of teaching and technology will hit the web—and your favorite pod-catcher—in February 2018. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode.

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