The Bridge Portfolio

Lightboard Videos

BMS Lightboard

In an effort to make BMS courses more accessible and engaging, Jennifer Bourbina worked with the Bridge to create dozens of lightboard videos for her courses.

Acupunture Lightboard

Rebeca Davila is a professional acupuncturist who was brought into our studio to record a series of 6 videos that showcased her expertise and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine

MOV 300 Lightboard

Movement Science Lightboard

These Lightboard videos were made with Krisanne Chapin to demonstrate different movement patterns in the body for MOV 300.

Accounting Lightboard

Accounting Lightboard

These videos were made with Chris Harper to flip the classroom of his ACC 622 class.

Video Production

Seidman Tutoring Center

This video is designed to showcase Seidman's in-house tutoring lab as an available service to students looking to hone their understanding of core course concepts. It is used currently to promote the resource in all relevant Seidman courses.

Movement Science Recording Tutorial

This tutorial was created for Krisanne Chapin's MOV 300 class to prepare their students for recording a video for class. Their assignment ultimately had the students record and edit their movement, while describing the different muscle processes that allow the movement to happen.

Active Learning Classroom Video

We created a series of videos surrounding the Active Learning Classrooms that have been installed across the GVSU campuses. These videos are used to promote the space and to provide information to the instructors for how they can utilize the technology and space.

Feeding Tube Simulation Videos

These videos were created in collaboration with the Center for Health Sciences to demonstrate the proper technique for inserting and managing a feeding tube.

Interactive Modules

Biology Wax Worm Pre-Lab

This module for created as a substitute for a standard Biology pre-lab. In this module, students watch videos on dissecting wax worms and answer interactive questions to prepare them for their in-person lab assessment.

Dance Choreography Interactive Module

This module was created with Michael Winslow in the Music, Theatre, and Dance department to allow students to learn a choreography routine in an asynchronous format. The user is able to view the whole routine, as well as individual '8 counts' for more in-depth explanations.

IT Services Classroom Support Training

This module was created for the IT Service desk to provide training on classroom support for Student Technicians.

Film and Video Equipment Tutorial

The Film and Video program has a lot of complicated recording equipment that students need to become proficient with. This module was designed to communicate these core learning objectives in interactive ways.


Tilting the Earth's Praxis

In collaboration with Salvatore Alaimo, the Bridge helped edit the podcast Tilting the Earth's Praxis. This weekly podcast discusses important issues impacting Civil Society with guests who are experts in their field.

To The Letter

To the letter

In collaboration with GVSU libraries, The Bridge worked to produce "To the Letter" a podcast that tells the story of a WWII soldier and his love interest through letters that they wrote to each other throughout his deployment. 

A Body's Tale

A Body's Tale

Working with Eric Ramsson, The Bridge helped to produce a podcast that documents medical abnormalities.

Podcasting Tutorial

This video was created for Lihua Huang to help her students create podcasts as a final project in their course.

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