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Login to Banner Self-Service using GVSU Central Login Service.
Log into Banner Self-Service using GVSU Network ID and password. Includes e-print.

Login to Banner Self-Service using G-number
Log in to Banner Self-Service using GVSU G-number and Banner Self-Service password.

Password Reset
Reset your GVSU network account password. This requires that you have a primary mobile number and/or personal email address on file in Banner.

Proxy Payment Info
Setup proxy access to allow others to make secure payments on your behalf, view grades and tax information, etc. through Guardian/Family Access.

Faculty and Staff Links

Banner Admin
Login via your GVSU network ID and password. Banner Admin training materials can be found under Banner Faculty Training Manuals.

GVSU Faculty/Staff Additional Student Information 
Advisee list, student by major list, class list, view midterm and final grades by student, and grade report.

Banner Workflow

Banner Faculty Training Manuals

Banner Finance Training Manuals

myBlueLaker banner

This fall, GVSU introduced a virtual assistant application called myBlueLaker. myBlueLaker is a fast and easy way for GVSU students to get the answers they need anywhere, anytime, including building info, personalized registration and class details, grade updates, and so much more (sorry, it won't have answers for homework, tests, or exams!) -- all from one place and without making a call or searching the Internet. myBlueLaker is available in your browser, in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Student Password Communication

Over the coming months students who have not recently changed their password will be receiving emails prompting them to login to our password reset tool to choose a new password. Check out our Cyber Safety site to learn more about password requirement changes. Failure to update GVSU network passwords in the timeframe requested will result in inability to login to GVSU resources like myBanner, myBlackboard, email, lab computers, etc.

Logging in from Off-Campus

We've noticed that you are accessing this site from an off-campus location. If accessing Banner Admin, GVSU Faculty/Staff Additional Student Information and Banner Workflow you may need to connect through VPN based on the following:

  • Faculty and staff working remotely using a GVSU issued Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer are able to access the Banner resources above without connecting through the GVSU VPN.
  • Those working remotely on a personal computer, or a Macintosh will need to connect to the GVSU VPN before accessing the Banner resources above. 

Instructions for logging into VPN can be found on the IT Helpdesk page under the FAQs (click on "VPN for Faculty/Staff"), then follow the instructions for the device you're using.

Attention Students

This message is to make you aware of four student-targeted scams.

  1. A student receives a fraudulent email that states that they owe GVSU tuition and they must send in a pre-paid VISA card. Student Accounts will never specifically request payment with a pre-paid credit card. Remember students should always use the University's Banner log-in page for online payments.
  2. A student receives a fraudulent phone call claiming money was owed to the University. The caller demands that the student wire the money directly to an account.
  3. A person receives a fraudulent email that looks like it comes from a University official. The email offers a scholarship if they wire money to get the process started.
  4. A student receives a text/email from stating that there is a payment due and the student needs to click on an attachment. DO NOT click on the attachment. Student Accounts will never send you an email asking you to click on something.

Please be very careful with your GNumber, Network ID and password if you are not dealing directly with GVSU. Also be very careful at all times about any request for you to directly wire money.

If you experience a fraudulent phone call or email, please notify the Student Accounts Office at or 616-331-2209.

Login credentials (Network ID and Password) have been issued solely for individual use. Login credentials are not to be shared with or delegated to others, and the individual to whom they are assigned is responsible for all transactions made and information accessed with their use. Banner users must comply with all applicable Federal and State laws and University policies regarding confidentiality, security and privacy of data. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in revocation of Banner access rights, University disciplinary action and/or civil or criminal legal action. Click here for additional FERPA information. The GVSU Confidentiality Agreement & Security Policy is available in the Grand Valley Manual.