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There are many areas for graduate study in the College of Education and Community Innovation. Graduate students are not automatically assigned an advisor in their area of study; however, check out the following links for ways to stay connected!

CECI Resources

GVSU Resources

CECI Graduate Programs

“The College of Education and Community Innovation (CECI) is the first academic college in the nation to unite the transformative power of education, social work, criminology, philanthropy, and legal studies with the community engagement of hospitality, health, nonprofit, and public management and policy. “ – About the College of Education and Community Innovation

CECI Resources

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CECI Outreach

The College of Education and Community Innovation has resources available to students in our programs. Feel free to browse our podcast, peer mentoring program, social media accounts, and newsletter archive to learn more about your support community. 

CECI Connect Podcast - Where we interview CECI faculty, discuss career options, and explore majors in our college

CECI Fellowship - Where we match first-year CECI students to peer mentors in shared programs

Newsletter Archive - Where we inform CECI students of upcoming opportunities, deadlines, events, and more

GVSU Resources

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Student Support Resources

Grand Valley offers many resources around campus that support the academic, professional, and personal aspects of the lives of all students. As a graduate student here, you have access to all of these resources. 


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The Graduate School Website

The Graduate School at Grand Valley has a comprehensive website that covers the topics listed below:

Forms Library

Graduate Student Resources

International Graduate Students

News and Events

CECI Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MS)

Roadmap to Success in Criminal Justice (MS)

GVSU criminal justice students focus on the criminal justice system (police, courts, corrections) as well as crime, its victims and responses to crime and violent behavior.

Master of Education (MED)

Grand Valley State University's Education programs are an ideal choice for undergraduate and graduate students to study the fields of education, teaching, and counseling.

Master in Health Administration (MHA)

Our MHA program emphasizes management principles that are relevant to healthcare leadership (e.g., Spectrum Health, Trinity Health, Covenant Retirement Communities, Henry Ford Health System, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, McLaren Health Care, University of Michigan West, Porter Hills Retirement Communities, Sparrow Health).

Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (MPNL)

The MPNL curriculum is designed to prepare students to act ethically and effectively in leading and managing philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, and to transcend traditional boundaries in the pursuit of prosperous, safe, and healthy communities.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The 39-credit hour program (plus an additional 3-credit hours of internship for pre-career students) prepares graduate students for careers in state, regional, and local governance; policy analysis, advocacy, and evaluation; nonprofit management; criminal justice; and health administration.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Roadmap to Success, MSW

The mission of the GVSU M.S.W. Program is to prepare advanced generalist social workers who enhance and sustain the welfare and wellbeing of the individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities of West Michigan, the state, the nation, and the world; and who further the goals of the University and of the social work profession in this region and beyond.

Professional Master of Arts in Social Innovation (PMASI)

Social innovation (SI) is an emerging professional field focused on impact-driven, cross-sector careers (e.g. governmental and nonprofit work, socially-focused entrepreneurship, B Corps). Social innovation is engaged in addressing complex social problems such as: childhood hunger, illiteracy, domestic violence, air pollution, food deserts, contaminated drinking water, racism, poverty, and homelessness.


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