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Menu of Experiences

Sample Biology Internship Sites

Internships provide a way for you to get hands-on, supervised experience in the world of work. You are able to apply the concepts you are learning in the classroom to a work environment.

Outdoor Discovery Center
Macatawa Greenway
Annis Water Institute
MPI Research
St. Joseph Mercy Health
Michigan Nature Association
John Ball Zoo
Oceans Research
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
West Michigan Environmental Action Council

Biology Internships

General Information on Internships

Join A Student Organization

Get involved with a student organization related to your major. Student orgs are a great way to get connected and explore career options!

Biology Club
Student Environmental Coalition
Wildlife Society
Soil and Water Conservation Club
Beekeeper Club
Genetic Counseling Club
Pre: vet, med, med/Ph.D., pharm, opt, PA, dental, nursing

Student Organizations


Relevant Courses and Certificates for Building Skills

Developing the relevant skills that employers seek is an essential component of a student's education. GVSU students should consider strategic elective courses and certificates to pair with their major in order to gain additional skills.

Grant Writing
Public speaking
GIS Certificate
Sustainable City and Regional Planning Certificate
Sustainable Food Systems Certificate

Electives to Consider


Community Service Opportunities

Seek volunteer opportunities related to the field you're exploring as a way of testing out future careers.

The Civic Engagement Center keeps a list of current volunteer opportunities updated on their website. There are ongoing opportunities on a continuous basis, as well as on-campus and off-campus opportunities posted as they become available.

Civic Engagement Center

Biology Study Abroad Options

Through study abroad you’ll also set yourself apart from other job-seekers and graduate-school applicants in an increasingly competitive market.

Imagine learning about the delicate marine ecosystems of coral reefs while living on the coast of Australia, taking classes about the ecology of the rainforest and its exotic inhabitants in Costa Rica, or conducting field work in the Sahara or a national park in Kenya. Study abroad opens up opportunities around the world for biology students to get a firsthand look at ecosystems drastically different than our own as well as access to global natural resource management styles.

Biology Study Abroad

Undergraduate Scholar Engagement

Pursuing academic, creative, and research experiences and projects outside the classroom is an excellent way to learn new skills and build a body of work in your field.

The Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement (CUSE) provides opportunities for undergraduate research and scholarship.

Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement (CUSE)

Biology Career Spotlights

Nathaniel Wagner '20 & '22 Spotlight

Nathaniel Wagner '20 & '22

I loved working as a student laboratory assistant in the biology department throughout my undergraduate career; I had the best boss and the faculty and staff were all great to work with.

Eric Drewry '07 Spotlight

Eric Drewry '07

My favorite memory is probably a collection of memories that I have while working as a dispatcher at the Grand Valley Police Department. I have life-long friends that I met there, I've even officiated two weddings for friends I met at the dispatch desk.

Laurie Beth Nederveld '09 Spotlight

Laurie Beth Nederveld '09

During my graduate research, I studied the impact of sediment remediation on stream conditions using a benthic macroinvertebrate index of biotic integrity.

Adam Vande Kerkhoff '18 Spotlight

Adam Vande Kerkhoff '18

My favorite Grand Valley memory was tailgating with my fraternity brothers before football games. Everyone was decked out in GVSU colors, ready to cheer the team on.

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Where Alumni Have Landed

  • Assistant Ranger – Oregon State Park
  • Watershed Technician – Allegan Conservation District
  • Research Scientist – Amway
  • Quality Control – Founders
  • Animal Care Technician – Cascade Animal Hospital
  • Claims Adjuster – Farmers Insurance
  • Neurofeedback Technician – Neurocore
  • Field Technician – GEI Consultants
  • Environmental Quality Analyst – State of Michigan
  • Training Lead Technician – Bio Life Plasma
  • Sanitarian – Kent County Health Department
  • Quality Lab Analyst – MedJohnson Nutrition
  • Zookeeper – John Ball Zoological Society
  • Quality Assurance Audit Technician – Perrigo
  • Manager – Macatawa Watershed Project
  • Nurse Technician – Spectrum Health
  • Laboratory Specialist – Evoqua Water Technologies
  • Invasive Species Manager – Aquatic Doctors Lake Management
  • Associate Project Manager – Corium International
  • Lab Analyst – Ranir

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Beyond Undergraduate: Graduate or Professional Programs

Students with a biology degree may continue on to a graduate program.  Here are some examples of programs students have pursued:

  • Veterinarian School
  • Medical School
  • Professional Science Master’s Program (Biostatistics)
  • Biology
  • Public Health
  • Physician Assistant
  • Genetics
  • Marine Biology
  • Medical Science

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