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Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) are assigned an advisor shortly after declaring the major. Although students minoring in WGS or LGBTQ Studies are not assigned an advisor within the program of their minor, students are still welcome to reach out to a WGS faculty member for guidance. Planning guides for the major and minors are available below. Contact the WGS Department for general questions at [email protected] or (616) 331-8025. Advising assistance is also available through the Brooks College Advising Center.

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Independent Research

The WGS Department supports and encourages students who wish to conduct independent reading and research, working closely on a project of their own design with a faculty member as mentor or co-investigator. WGS 399 Independent Readings and WGS 499 Independent Study and Research allow students to earn up to 4 credits for this activity. If you're interested in WGS 399 or 499, first meet with a faculty member to discuss your project and to ensure they are willing and able to supervise it. A proposal for WGS 399 or 499 is submitted using the WGS 399/499 Contract form. Once you, the instructor, and the WGS Department Chair have signed the form, you will be given instructions on how to register for the course.

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS) offers services and guidance to promote undergraduate research, such as the Undergraduate Research Fair during fall semester, and Student Scholars Day in winter semester. Explore the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship here

Graduate Programs in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

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