Barbara Jordan Award

Barbara Jordan

Award Description

Named to celebrate Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan, this award honors a faculty or staff person on Grand Valley State University's campus who has been a long-time advocate of women, women's issues, and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program, and who has bridged the gap between traditional academic fields and women's and gender studies.

Nomination Process

Any member of the GVSU community may be nominated for this award. Nominations should be submitted by March 1st to the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department in 229 Lake Ontario Hall or emailed to [email protected]. Please include a copy of the person's CV and a detailed statement explaining your reasons for their nomination. The Barbara Jordan Award Committee will make the award decision. Individuals selected to receive the Barbara Jordan Award will be honored at the annual Women’s Commission Awards Ceremony in March.

The following criteria will be used to judge qualifications:

  • Nominees should have made lasting and profound contributions in the areas of women’s learning, scholarship, and/or leadership.  
  • Nominees should have created a climate in which long-lasting changes can develop and grow.  

Past Award Recipients

2018- Anna Campbell, Associate Professor, Department of Visual and Media Arts

2012- Grace Coolidge, Professor, History Department

2011- Gretchen Galbraith, Professor, History Department

2010- Donna Henderson-King, Professor, Psychology Department

2009- Kate Remlinger, Professor, English Department

2008- Maria Cimitile, Provost & Professor, Philosophy Department

2007- Shaily Menon, Professor, Biology Department

2006- Karen Libman, Professor, School of Communications, Theatre

2005- Sonia Dalmia, Professor, Economics Department

2004- Veta Tucker, Professor, English Department

2003- Judy Whipps, Professor, Liberal Studies Department

2002- Mary Seeger, Dean of Advising Resources and Special Programs

2001- Linda Chown, Professor, English Department

2000- Mary DeYoung, Professor, Sociology Department

1999- Cynthia Mader, Associate Professor, College of Education

1998- Doris Rucks, Associate Professor, Sociology Department

1997- Roberta Simone, Professor, English Department

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