Film and Video - Senior Thesis/Project

The Senior Thesis/Project Seminar class (FVP 498) is limited to students with a Senior standing and permission of instructor. Students must complete a proposal and detailed timeline (see specifics below) and submit it to the instructor prior to registration.  A permit is required for registration.

All work will go through proposal (including a timeline), draft and revision process. All work will have self-critique as well as peer and instructor critique.

The seminar is limited to 15 students per semester. Permission of instructor required. No incompletes will be given.

Course Objectives

  • develop a thesis paper, script, film or video project that demonstrates depth and sophistication
  • develop planning and implementation skills
  • develop skills in critiquing production and written work and works-in-progress
  • to consider current ethical issues facing our fields
  • to develop networking opportunities with professionals in the chosen area of emphasis
  • to develop interviewing and other related employment seeking skills

Project/Thesis Parameters

Individual Projects

Individual projects must adhere to the following length parameters:

  • Video or Film projects: Maximum of 12 minutes in length, must screen in end-of-semester showcase
  • Animation: Maximum of 5 minutes in Length - must screen in end-of-semester showcase
  • Script: Maximum 30 pages in length and must be a complete script
  • Thesis: 20-25 pages in length
  • New Media (Website, projection mapping, interactive video, etc.): approved by instructor- must display at end-of-semester showcase

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects are possible.  Consult with the instructor in advance if you are interested in proposing a collaborative senior project.

Preparing the Proposal


  • Your name
  • G#
  • Email Address
  • Type of Project (Fiction, Nonfiction, Documentary Film, Animation, Thesis Paper, Screenplay, New Media Project)
  • Project Length (See parameters listed above)


  • Description Describe the project as clearly as possible. This may include a premise, treatment, working thesis statement, etc.)
  • Timeline Create a timeline with all phases of production. (i.e.: Pre-production may include writing the screenplay, having table reads, auditions, etc.) The timeline should include all important steps and their proposed completion dates within the Winter semester.
  • Budget  Develop a proposed budget that includes all expected costs, including craft services, travel expenses, rental fees, sound/music purchases, etc.


Email the proposal as an attachment to the instructor for Senior Projects/Thesis. The instructor will verify that it has been received and may request revisions or offer suggestions for a stronger proposal. This may be done through email or the instructor or you can request an in-person meeting to discuss the proposal in more detail.

Once the instructor as approved the proposal, a permit will be placed online so you can register. The permit can be from one to six credits. You will want to discuss the number of credits you should register for with your academic advisor and/or the Senior Thesis/Project instructor.

To register, you will place the correct CRN # in the box at the bottom of the ADD/DROP page under REGISTRATION in Banner.


Proposals for Senior Projects will be accepted during the period of September 7 - October 29, 2021

The instructor for Winter 2022 Senior Thesis/Projects is Professor Kim Roberts