Partnership/External Course Approval Process

Step 1: Research Courses Offered at the Host University

Research courses offered at the host university you've selected. Course information can be found by visiting the program website.

Please note, not all courses that are listed will be offered every semester. For questions regarding courses (including requesting a syllabus) contact the External provider/Partner University directly.

Step 2: Review Existing Course Equivalencies

Some courses have already been approved to transfer back to GVSU a certain way. 

To view these courses, see the pre-approved course equivalencies:

Pre-Approved Course Equivalencies

If there is an existing course equivalency for the course you wish to take abroad, simply fill out the following form. NOTE: Please only fill out this form if you have applied and received acceptance through GVSU for your study abroad program. If you have not yet completed an OASIS application, do not fill out this form.

Pre-Approved Study Abroad Course Form

Step 3: Request a Course Equivalency

If the course(s) you would like to take abroad has/have not already been approved, you will need to request a course equivalency from the relevant GVSU department to determine how the course would transfer back to GVSU.

1. Determine the Department Contact whom you will need to contact to receive approval.

Department Contact

2. Depending on their preferred method of contact select the Course Approval Email Template (Email) or the Course Approval Form (In-Person)

 Course Approval Email Template Departmental Course Approval Form

Students requesting course approvals from the Seidman College of Business must provide the following information in order for their request to be considered:

  • Institution/ Program       
  • Course name & #             
  • Course Syllabus               
  • Contact Hours               
  • US Credit Hours             
  • Website documenting this information

STEP 4: Submit Forms to Padnos International Center

Carbon Copy (CC) the [email protected] email when contacting the department or submit the filled Course Approval form in to Padnos International Center.

Step 5: Fulfill General Education Credits (Optional)

Courses taken abroad can be used to fulfill General Education requirements including Issues, Foundations & Cultures and Supplemental Writing Skills.

Academic Policies

Additional information regarding coursework abroad can be found on our Academic Policies page.


Page last modified September 14, 2021