Marie Bourke, Costa Rica

"I have learned so much about the language, culture and myself during my semester abroad in Costa Rica. Having the opportunity to study and travel at the same time is an extremely valuable experience I'll never forget. Pura Vida!" 

Haylee Weber, Australia

It was my first time traveling overseas and what an adventure I had.

Sarah Orchard, Ecuador

My study abroad trip to Ecuador gave me the direction I was looking for - it answered that pesky "What I am going to do after college?" question we all fear.

Hannah Haas, Chile

Spending nine weeks in Chile has given me the opportunity to learn so much about myself and make life long memories while discovering new happy places and I would have never had known existed.

Justin Horst, United Kingdom

�Studying abroad was life changing for me. It was the best collegiate decision I made. I learned more about myself than at any other time in my life. I took marketing classes while I studied at Edge Hill University."

Nyasha Juta, Chile

While in Chile I learned Spanish in classes and I applied it into the real world. As weeks went by I was able to communicate with my host family and learned so much about Chile, their lives, and their culture.

Chelsie Leathers, Thailand

While studying halfway across the world, I rode elephants, spoke new languages, explored caves, wandered high mountains and allowed myself to get lost.

Jessica Ansara, Jordan

The past four months have been extraordinary. Being abroad has given me a skill set that no classroom could have given me.

Shayla Lipischak, Greece

My decision to study abroad in Greece on Paros Island was absolutely the best decision I ever made. Studying abroad opens your eyes to a whole bunch of things, one being how other cultures are taught in school.

Megan Steenwyk, Czech Republic

I chose Prague last minute - as in, the day before the application deadline. It was absolutely the right choice for me and I sincerely suggest taking a chance on a new place. Just go and learn all you can with the time you have!  

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