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The spirit of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute is represented in the cooperative programs held in the community to enlighten, inform, and promote inclusivity.

These events bring together diverse voices and faith traditions to find a common ground while still honoring individual experiences.

Whether it is working with others in the community to host a civilized discussion about polarizing issues or organizing a celebration that welcomes all and encourages learning through differences, the institute has found great success carrying out its mission through these community collaborations.

"Through interfaith dialogue and service, we promote a vibrant and diverse community for all generations. Beyond tolerance, we value hospitality, understanding, respect, and acceptance." 

What's Happening


Lasting Legacy at the GRAM - click for more info

November 13, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Kaufman's Weekly Interfaith Insight

"Affirming one’s identity while learning from others" by Director Doug Kindschi

The challenge for America is to embrace an ethic that includes “respect for different identities, relationships between diverse communities, and a commitment to the common good.”

This is the theme of Eboo Patel’s 2018 book, Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise.  He is clear that our effort is not the “melting pot” image, often used to describe how we come together.  That assumes we are somehow absorbed into a common mix that obliterates our differences.  He prefers the image of a “potluck” where we bring our various dishes to share, and where the variety enhances our experience with mutually different experiences.

An important part of this manner of coming together is sharing our stories in ways that enable us to learn from each other as well as learn with each other. Patel shares some of his personal experiences as he learned to appreciate his own heritage while also learning from others. 

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Interfaith Thanksgiving

Interfaith Thanksgiving 2021 Flyer

November 22, 7:00 PM

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Seeking Peace

This week let’s listen to the Voces8 version of the spiritual “Deep River.” 

There are times when we hope for “That Promised Land, where all is peace.”

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