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The spirit of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute is represented in the cooperative programs held in the community to enlighten, inform, and promote inclusivity.

These events bring together diverse voices and faith traditions to find a common ground while still honoring individual experiences.

Whether it is working with others in the community to host a civilized discussion about polarizing issues or organizing a celebration that welcomes all and encourages learning through differences, the institute has found great success carrying out its mission through these community collaborations.

"Through interfaith dialogue and service, we promote a vibrant and diverse community for all generations. Beyond tolerance, we value hospitality, understanding, respect, and acceptance." 

What's Happening

Kaufman's Weekly Watch

Harmony - Life at the Intersection of Science and Faith

This past week’s Interfaith Insight introduced this year’s Templeton Prize Laurate, Dr. Francis Collins and his address at the ceremony. Here is an 8-minute video about his earlier scientific work on the human genome, its implication that we are all one human family, his faith journey, and the current COVID crisis research being done.

Kaufman's Weekly Interfaith Insight

Seeking the “Courageous Middle” by Director Doug Kindschi

How does a community navigate a controversial issue in our current environment of polarization?  It is an issue affecting not only our nation, but our religious communities, individual churches, and colleges. 

My alma mater, Houghton College in New York State, is currently in the midst of such a challenge. Houghton College is a part of the Wesleyan Church, a conservative evangelical tradition in which I was raised and where my father was a minister and national church administrator.  While in my growing up years, I remember it primarily for what was prohibited: movies, dancing, drinking, smoking, even playing cards. But in recent decades, more in this community have been reintroduced to its social justice history going back to the beginnings of the denomination, as it split with the Methodist Church in the mid-19th century over slavery and other justice issues. Its theology is still quite conservative as it seeks to maintain its understanding of biblical principles.

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Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration November 1 at 1pm - click for info

November 1 at 1pm - Click for info

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