Visit us in our new location on the 2nd floor of Kleiner Commons for Scheduled Tutoring. Meet weekly with a qualified peer tutor and a small group of peers to cover content questions, study strategies, and exam review. A great choice for many 100 & 200 level courses to review content and help improve your performance in class. Scheduled tutoring takes place on the Allendale Campus.Request a Tutor

Have a quick question about something specific? Grand Valley has numerous course/discipline specific Drop-In Tutoring centers offering on demand support from faculty and peer tutors. Stop in at one of their locations anytime during open hours - see links below.


Drop-In Tutoring

Structured Learning Assistance/PASS Sessions

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) and Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are programs that provide additional academic support in traditionally difficult courses through peer-led workshops.

Academic Skills Resources

Academic skills resources and apps for student success are available.  

Free online tutorial assistance:

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