Weston Persons, MBA '20

Weston Persons

Weston Persons, a recent graduate of Grand Valley's Master of Business Administration program. Currently, he is the Aerospace Marketing Manager at Howmet Aerospace. Weston is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.

How did the Seidman MBA program help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

  • The Seidman MBA program has set me on the correct track to advance in my marketing career for Howmet Aerospace. This program helped me attain a broad array of knowledge that I am able to directly apply to our organization, aiding in the holding of competitive advantages for our engine products business unit. 


What was the most rewarding part about the Seidman MBA program?

  • The most rewarding part of the Seidman MBA program was achieving something that only a small percentage of the population strives to attain or even attempt to take on, especially considering the extremely slim percentage of military veterans involved in such programs. 


How were you challenged during the MBA program?

  • I was challenged during the MBA program in the way professors were able to pose thought-provoking questions that pressured our critical thinking skills. These questions elicited responses that needed to be supported through research and application of theories and models discussed heavily throughout the duration of the program. A specific instance of this can be found in our research, analysis, and recommendations to a prominent manufacturing company for our graduate project. This project required primary and secondary research, as well as the application of decision making and analysis models that were regularly revisited during the program. These principals were able to guide us to our recommendations for the manufacturing company, which in turn offers benefit to a local organization that has offered incomprehensible value to our local community. 


What opportunities did the Seidman MBA present you?

  • The Seidman MBA offered quite a few different opportunities. Throughout the program, we were able to meet with many local and influential business leaders. Additionally, we were able to network among our cohort and other cohorts. This provided the opportunity to expand our professional networks, which acted to expand the networks of the collective. On a more career-specific note, the Seidman MBA offers me the opportunity to stand out among my peers for future career advancement. All this was offered while still working in my profession full-time, and not having to take a break like you may find is the case with other programs.


Anything else that you would like to share with prospective MBA students?

  • Overall, this is a quality program that challenges anyone involved. It challenges the students to expand their thought processes, and because of the diverse backgrounds of the student body, the professors are challenged in their methods to effectively provoke thought from as many students at one time as possible. 

    I was part of the first two cohorts to go through the new Seidman MBA program. With this, the program leadership was always very responsive to our feedback. I'd like to assume all future cohorts would have this luxury as well, which may not be found in other MBA programs. 

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