Samantha Rona Das, MBA '20

Samantha Rona Das, MBA '20

Samantha Rona Das, a recent MBA graduate from the Seidman College of Business.

What were your professional goals when you started the MBA program? How did the Seidman MBA program help you achieve your goals?

When I began the program, I was a high school teacher looking for a masters that would help move my career forward. While there’s nothing wrong with getting a master's degree in education or my content area, I was looking for a degree that would open doors outside of teaching. I graduated in 2020, and since then, I have participated in committees and projects because of the experience I gained from my MBA. In Fall 2022, I applied for and then accepted the position of School Culture Coordinator. I still work at the same high school, but I know have more avenues to make improvements I want to see in education.

What content or skills did you learn in the MBA program that you regularly use today?

A part of my role is to implement measurable goals based on strategic priorities in our five-year strategic plan. I am also working with a district-wide team to realign curriculum with a new framework so that education is equitable and accessible for all of our students. On behalf of this team, I have created a timeline and actions steps which have been presented to committees in our district and for professional development. Case studies and the capstone project from the MBA program truly helped prepare me for these real-world scenarios. I feel organized and prepared to apply what I learned in school in daily work.

What was the most rewarding part of the Seidman MBA program?

I appreciated the cohort approach our MBA program had. We were with the same class and the same team for two years, and I learned a lot from my classmates and the various industries they represented.

How were you challenged during the MBA program?

I came into the program as a high school teacher with very limited business knowledge. The only relevant class I had taken was personal finance my senior year of high school. I didn’t have a working vocabulary of business jargon many of my classmates had nor many experiences to share during class discussions. However, professors were very helpful, and I was able to make the best of it.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a Seidman MBA?

The MBA program is worth it. I have way more career options than I did before. I don’t feel stuck. And, because it’s a hybrid program that can be completed in two years, it is more merciful on a work schedule than another program might be.

How was your Seidman MBA helpful to you in advancing your career?

After I obtained my degree, I went on to teach business at our high school and still support the educators in the program as needed. I’ve been able to step into different committees and projects that I haven't before, because now I have a different mindset on how organizations function thanks to the MBA program. My current role as school cultural coordinator has come about because of my degree, and I very grateful I was able to attend Seidman’s MBA program.

How did your Seidman MBA shape your leadership style?

It has given me more confidence. When I started the program, I thought I was too young to take on a leadership role. Through the different classes, I’ve learned that being a leader is more than age and experience. Leading requires wisdom, a humble attitude, and a willingness to listen to everyone’s voices.

If you were talking with someone today who is evaluating MBA program, what criteria would you recommend they weigh the most in making a decision and why?

Make sure you are willing to commit and work hard. There is a lot of collaboration, so it’s important to have a mindset that you will give your best. It is not the easiest degree to obtain, but it is rewarding (and I know this because I have taken classes for an English Masters and Education Leadership Masters from GVSU).

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