Ryan Slusarzyk, MBA '20

Ryan Slusarzyk

Ryan Slusarzyk, a recent graduate from Grand Valley's Master of Business Administration program. Currently, he works as a Portfolio Manager at Stryker, as well as being the President of the Seidman Alumni Association.

How did the Seidman MBA program help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

  • I have always wanted a Master’s degree, for my personal academic achievement, but also because I wanted to further refine the skills I had learned during my undergrad and professional experience.  The Seidman MBA program did just that, and further positioned me in understanding things greater and with a more holistic viewpoint, but also for future opportunities as I continue to grow in my career.

What was the most rewarding part about the Seidman MBA program?

  • The most rewarding part about the Seidman MBA program was the relationships I came to develop with my classmates, as well as the faculty and staff at the college. These relationships allowed for intense and extremely robust conversations which assisted in my development throughout the program.


How were you challenged during the MBA program?

  • I was challenged at many different points during the program, especially since I had been over 10 years removed from any formal education.  The most challenging point, outside of the disciplines I have never been comfortable with (accounting/economics/finance), was time allotment required to be successful in the initial months. After that time period, the routine became normal, and I looked forward to classes and assignments because it offered a reprieve from other duties.

What opportunities did the Seidman MBA present you?

  • The Seidman MBA presented me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge, refine my skills, develop deep-seated relationships, and to set additional foundation blocks for me to continue to achieve success in my career.

Anything else that you would like to share with prospective MBA students?

  • The MBA experience at Seidman was incredibly rewarding. At first, 3-hours every Tuesday was dreaded, but it soon became not nearly long enough to spend with these incredibly intelligent people that expanded my viewpoint and knowledge on so many things. Knowledge is power, and the MBA program has increased my knowledge, as well as awareness, allowing me to be a more successful business professional.

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