MBA Emphases

Finance Emphasis

Traditional MBA students interested in depth of study in finance may earn an emphasis in that discipline by completing 12 credits in the elective portion of the program. 

The courses include:
FIN 624, Investments 3 credits

Three of the following four courses:
FIN 626, Advanced Managerial Finance 3 credits
FIN 627, Derivative Assets 3 credits
FIN 629, International Finance 3 credits
FIN 680, Special Topics in Finance 3 credits
ACC 613, Financial Statement Analysis 3 credits
FIN 699, Independent Study 3 credits

Health Sector Management Emphasis

Students earned the Health Sector Emphasis complete all MBA Core Courses, except BUS 677, Ethical Problems & Perspectives.

The following PA course serves as a substitute for BUS 677:

PA 634 -- Health Care Law and Ethics

The following three courses are completed in lieu of other business electives:
PA 630 -- Health Administration and Services

PA 631 -- Health Policy and Politics

PA 633 -- Health Economics

Innovation and Technology Emphasis

The emphasis in technology and innovation management is designed to provide participants with the requisite management, business, technical, and strategic skills needed to better manage the technological resources of an organization. The interdisciplinary combination of courses that comprises the electives portion of the student's M.B.A. are:

  • BUS 656, Management of Technology,
  • MGT 665, Enterprise Information Systems,
  • MGT 669, Process Analysis and ERP Systems, and
  • One additional technology-related course offered at Grand Valley and with graduate programs director's approval.

International Business Emphasis

Students interested in expanding their study of international business may earn an emphasis in that area by completing a minimum of 9 credits from among the following courses:

The courses include:

ACC 617, International Accounting 3 Credits

BUS 644, International Business 3 Credits

ECO 645, International Economic Issues 3 Credits

FIN 629, International Finance 3 Credits

MKT 658, International Marketing 3 Credits

Sustainable Enterprise Emphasis

Students interested in expanding their study of sustainable enterprise may earn an emphasis in that area by completing the following 9 credits:

MGT 672, Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship

BUS 634, Sustainability Principles and Practices

BUS 635, Sustainable Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

ECO 643, Environmental Economics

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