M.B.A. Curriculum

The Seidman MBA curriculum takes business fundamentals to the next level of leadership application utilizing a hierarchy of learning where each class builds on the previous. Experienced faculty will bring proven business theory and principles together with applied learning opportunities where MBA candidates will practice extending their impact to leading and influencing others.

The Seidman MBA program includes a comprehensive core addressing all major business disciplines and key leadership skillsets.

Non-business majors may be required to fulfill MBA Foundational Competencies.

36 Credits

Summer Starter Courses (M.B.A. Boot Camp)

MBA 681   Strategic Mindset for Managers  (1 credit)

MBA 676   Leading People and Teams  (1 credit)

MBA 601   Decision-Making for Managers  (1 credit)

MBA 675   Legal Environment for Business  (1 credit)

Fall  Semester 1

MBA 611   Accounting for Managers  (3 credits)

MBA 641   Business Economics for Managers  (3 credits)

Winter Semester 1

MBA 621   Finance for Managers  (3 credits)

MBA 651   Marketing for Managers  (3 credits)

Spring/Summer Semester 1

MBA 677   Leadership and Ethics for Managers  (1.5 credits)

MBA 680   Professional Development  (2 credits)

Fall Semester 2

MBA 631   Leading People and Organizations  (3 credits)

MBA 660   Operations and Supply Chain for Managers  (3 credits)

Winter Semester 2

MBA 610   MIS and BI for Managers  (2 credits)

MBA 683   Strategy and Global Competitiveness for Managers*  (6 credits)

Spring/Summer Semester 2

MBA 678   Advanced Leadership and Ethics for Managers  (1.5 credits)

MBA 684   Professional Consulting and Communications* (1 credit)

*Students will participate in a culminating consulting experience where they will apply business knowledge acquired in the MBA program. These projects will consist of pre-identified strategic problems faced by local, regional, or global organizations.

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