MBA Curriculum

The Seidman MBA curriculum balances hands-on experience with solid business theory and principles. A faculty-driven emphasis on applied research and participation in working groups fosters an environment where you develop your ability to creatively solve problems, to innovate, to persuade, and to advocate ideas.

The Seidman MBA program is 33 credits, consisting primarily of an extensive and comprehensive core. The focus is applied, specific and practical.

Core (28.5 Credits)

ACC 611 Contemporary Managerial Accounting 3 credits

BUS 610 Management Information Systems & Org. Processes 3 credits

BUS 631 Leadership and Organizational Dynamics 3 credits

BUS 671 Global Competitiveness 3 credits

BUS 677 Ethical Problems & Perspectives 1.5 credits

BUS 681 Strategy 3 credits

ECO 641 Business Economics and Strategy 3 credits

FIN 621 Financial Policy for Managers 3 credits

MGT 660 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 credits

MKT 651 Marketing Management 3 credits

Seidman MBA candidates also complete two additional ELECTIVES to maximize personal and professional development, choosing from engaging and challenging graduate-level courses available at Grand Valley State University in the areas of accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing.

GVSU Course Catalog

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