Who should get an MBA degree?

Anyone who has a bachelor's degree and an interest in business. One of the distinguishing strengths of the MBA program is that it brings together individuals of diverse industries, professions, and organizations to solve common problems. The exchange of ideas in this environment creates a very dynamic classroom.

What are the advantages of a part-time MBA program?

"Program for working professionals" is a more accurate descriptor than "part-time" program. Students typically work full-time and attend classes in the evenings. The obvious advantage is that students do not have to put their lives "on hold" while they earn their degree. A less obvious but even more compelling reason to pursue the MBA degree in this manner has to do with the unique focus of the MBA. Regardless whether the program is full-time or part-time, the MBA is designed as a practical, applications-oriented degree. There is no better environment in which to pursue this course of study than one in which students bring their ideas and challenges from their workplaces to the classroom and take knowledge and concepts back to the workplace.

Why should I choose the Seidman MBA of Grand Valley State University among the available programs?

The Seidman College of Business enjoys a unique relationship with West Michigan. Faculty interact extensively with the business community, ensuring that the teaching and learning is relevant. Contributions are reciprocal; faculty actively consult with area organizations, and they involve business leaders and practitioners in the classroom. Often students work on projects in area organizations under the supervision of faculty. This community connection goes well beyond business and industry. West Michigan is where faculty live, send their children to school, worship, serve on community boards, and are actively involved in a multitude of capacities. You will benefit from the ties that GVSU has with West Michigan.

Will I need prerequisites?

If you do not have a business background, it is likely that you will need prerequisites. Our goal is to move students to the graduate curriculum as quickly as possible, while ensuring readiness for 600-level work. If you have equivalent undergraduate course work in any of the background areas that is relatively current with a grade of at least B, you will not be required to complete the equivalent 500-level courses. For those areas that require background course work, the courses are designed specifically to bring you up to speed quickly. Each background course is offered in approximately half the time of the equivalent course work at the undergraduate level. You are also welcome to take a waiver exam to demonstrate proficiency in any area. The exams are free and available at your convenience in the Graduate Programs Office. You will also find sample exams at www.gvsu.edu/mba under Background Studies.

Do I have to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)?

The GMAT is the best single predictor of success in MBA programs. Therefore, unless there is compelling evidence based on other factors, the GMAT is required.

How do I get started?

When you are ready to apply, go to www.gvsu.edu/gradapply and follow the prompts. If you have questions, contact the Graduate Office at 616-331-7400, or e-mail us at go2gvmba@gvsu.edu. We are known for our service. We will advise you with the application process, appropriate course(s) to begin your graduate studies, and welcome you to the Seidman College family. It is also helpful to have your transcripts sent to us early in the process so that we can assess your background and communicate with you regarding the courses you will need to start and complete your program.

Page last modified May 5, 2017