Course Drop/Add and Refund Schedule

Fall 2019

To Add a Course to Your Schedule


Signatures & Forms Required

Important Information

Before August 30

Registration can be completed in myBanner or by using the Registration Drop/Add Form

No signatures are required during registration unless a student has a hold on their account.

Students can check on their assigned registration date by reviewing our When To Register information. New students will register at Orientation.

In some instances students may need to request a registration override to register for a particular course.

After August 30

Students must obtain the signature of their instructor, department chair, and the dean of their college on the Registration Drop/Add Form to register.

To register for classes students must submit a Registration Drop/Add form. Late registration is subject to late fees.

Please note that courses within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Seidman College of Business have additional late registration requirements. 

To Drop a Course from Your Schedule


Signatures & Forms Required

Important Information

Before August 30

Drops can be completed in myBanner or by using the Registration Drop/Add Form

Courses dropped before this time do not appear on a student's transcript.

August 31 - October 25

Drops can be completed in myBanner or by using the Registration Drop/Add Form

Courses dropped during this period will receive a grade of 'W' which means "withdrawal" and are included on transcripts, but not calculated into a student's GPA.

October 26 - December 6 (All Courses)

Drops can be completed using the Complete Withdrawal Form

During this period students can only drop their entire schedule, not select courses. To drop from a particular course students should follow the Late Withdrawal process.

October 26 - December 6 (1 Course)

Late withdrawal request require the signature of the instructor, chair of the department and the Director of the Student Academic Success Center, and a letter of support from the instructor or chair.

Students wishing to drop a particular course should submit a late withdrawal request to the Student Academic Success Center (SASC).

Students with financial aid are advised to speak with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships before dropping a course.

Students living in campus housing are advised to speak with Housing if dropping below full-time.

Tuition Refund Schedule


Refund Percentage

Important Information

Before August 30


This is the last day a student can drop a course for the semester and receive a 100% refund on their tuition.

August 31 - September 20


This period is the last time a student can withdraw from a course and receive a 75% tuition refund.

This includes changing sections of the same course number.

After September 20

No Refund 


Additional information regarding tuition may be found on the Student Accounts webpage.

All deadlines listed on this page are at 5:00 PM on the day listed and apply to full session courses.