Guardian/Family Access

Grand Valley State University students are able to grant permission for an individual (proxy) to view selected student information in myBanner on the Guardian/Family Access page. The student authorizes the proxy and what items the proxy may see. The authorized pages are the same web pages viewable to the student in myBanner. The student is able to modify the authorizations, reset the proxy's password, and set date ranges that the permissions are active. Login credentials for the proxy are sent via email and should be saved for reference. After a proxy's email address and password have been verified, proxies will be able to log in.

The student determines the information that can be viewed by the proxy. If the proxy has questions about the information they are viewing, they should speak with the student. Guardian/Family Access does not grant the proxy the authority to contact and discuss information with a university representative.

How Students Create a Guardian/Family Access Account

This video will show a student how to create a Guardian/Family access account and grant a proxy permission to their student data.

If you are a student who wishes to begin the process of identifying a proxy, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to myBanner
  2. Click on the Guardian/Family Access tab
  3. Click Guardian/Family Access Management
  4. Click Add Proxy and fill in the proxy’s information and click on the “Add Proxy” button
    • Please note: Some users with "" emails have experienced issues with proxy emails. Proxy users may want to consider using an alternate email address or checking their spam folders.
  5. Click Expand (proxy’s name)
  6. Select “Proxy User” from the Relationship drop down menu
  7. Fill in an optional Description of your proxy
  8. Start and Stop Dates are automatically populated
  9. Click the Authorization tab and select the items you would like your proxy to be able to view. There is no SAVE button. Your selections are automatically saved.

Initial Set Up of your Guardian/Family Access Account for Proxies

The initial email you received about your new proxy account gave you a unique URL to access Guardian/Family Access with an Action Password (temporary password). If you have previously used Guardian/Family Access and set up your new password, you may continue to use the unique URL found in your original email. 

Questions about the functionality and content of your Guardian/Family Access accounts can be answered by reading the Guardian/Family Access FAQ

Please note: Some users with "" emails have experienced issues with proxy emails. Proxy users may want to consider using an alternate email address or checking their spam folders.

This video will show you how to complete the initial set up of your Guardian/Family Access account.

Resetting your Guardian/Family Access Account Password for Proxies

This video will show a proxy how to reset their password.

You can change your password by going to the Guardian/Family Access log in page.

  • Fill in your email address
  • Leave the password field blank and click on the "Forgot Password" button
  • A unique web link and Action Password will be sent to your e-mail address; you will use the action password to log in and select a new password
  • On the Reset Password page, you will use your action password in the field for "Old Password" and enter your desired password as the "New Password".

Additionally, the student can log in to myBanner at any time and click the “E-mail Authorizations” icon on the “Authorization” tab to generate an email to a proxy that includes a login link in addition to a list of the pages they are authorized to view.

Student Account Payments Through Guardian/Family Access

Student Account payments are available in Guardian/Family Access. Students are able to grant proxy access to make secure payments, view grades and tax information, and other options through Guardian/Family Access.

If someone other than a student typically makes a payment on a student's account, we highly recommend the student set up proxy access so the proxy can make a payment with their own login and password.

This video will show a proxy how to make a payment.

Page last modified March 17, 2021